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Nelly Delgado


Nelly Delgado, native El Pasoan and UTEP graduate, has beat the tough job market and landed a position at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond Washington. "I think what helped me is having both the technical background and the communications skills of presenting and writing."

As a UTEP sophomore, Nelly began working in the SSEAL affinity group. "Being involved with SSEAL gave me the exposure to research and CS faculty, which encouraged me to go on for the master's degree." In graduate school she served as a Teaching Assistant for the Software Engineering course and spent two summers at NASA Langley through the GEM Fellowship Program. After graduation she spent a year as an Instructor in the CS Department, teaching Automata, Computability, and Formal Languages, Data Structures, and Advanced Object-Oriented Programming and serving as an undergraduate advisor. "Being in an environment where you didn't feel the hierarchy was very important to me. Even as an undergraduate, having faculty listen and accept my contributions was a wonderful experience. Not to mention being exposed to research and working with individuals at the top of their fields."

Nelly's word of advice: "Students sometimes have questions which they don't ask because they're afraid of what people will think of them, but the bottom line is, that's how you learn. UTEP fosters an environment where students can grow and compete with graduates of other top institutions. I believe our toughest critics can sometimes be ourselves and we tend to place limitations on ourselves. Believe in yourself, work hard, take initiative for your own education, take advantage of the opportunities to become involved in research and the faculty's willingness to work with students, and enjoy your studies. The Computer Science Department at UTEP is a great place to be!"

Nelly Delgado, B.S. 1998, M.S. 2001

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