Degree Requirements

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The degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) degree are reflected on UTEP's catalog.

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Minors for Computer Science Majors

Students majoring in Computer Science may also obtain minors from the following approved disciplines in other colleges: Biology, Environmental Science, Geology, Finance, and Mathematics. No course taken on a Pass/Fail basis may be counted for the minor. Students should refer to the individual departmental listings in their catalog for specific minor requirements.

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Minors in Computer Science

Students who are not majoring in Computer Science may obtain a minor in Computer Science. Students should consult their major advisors for further details.

The Computer Science minor requires 20 credit hours of Computer Science courses. These are:

Although not required, CS 1310 Introduction to Computer Programming is the usual first course for non-majors. The course teaches fundamentals of computers and computer programming and is generally recommended to non-majors as the first Computer Science course.

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2nd Degree Process

Financial Aid 2nd Degree Form.