Photo Gallery

Profs. John Impagliazzo and Ann Gates, invited speakers at the WECI 2008 conference in Lima, Peru.

ARG workshop at the CAHSI 2007 annual meeting in Miami.

Female panelists at the CAHSI 2009 annual meeting held at Google Headquarters.

The Creative Kids Arts program received the 2013 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award for its effectiveness in developing learning and life skills in young people by engaging them in the arts or humanities. Andrea Gates on the right.

Panel on challenges doctoral students face (CAHSI 2010 annual meeting held at Microsoft Headquarters).

Natalia Villanueva Rosales working with interdisciplinary faculty on the visualization wall at the CyberShARE Center.

CAHSI UPRM students at the CAHSI 2010 annual meeting held at Microsoft Headquarters.

The IEEE Computer Society 60th Anniversary Awards for recognition of two of the greatest computer scientists of the 20th century - Sir Maurice Wilkes and David Parnas. The award was presented by Mike Williams the 2007 President of the Computer Society and Ann Gates, Chair of the Awards Committee.

Steve Roach and Elsa Villa conducting a PLTL session at UTEP.