UTEP CS is working hard to educate students and participants in our regional and national community about the importance of using computer science to foster innovative thinking and to solve real world problems. Moreover, the department is actively working to increase the number of Hispanics and women in computing careers. We encourage you to support these important goals and make a gift to UTEP CS.

Your gift will be used to support student organizations, student travel, and outreach initiatives.

Making a gift is not the only way to help the department with our goals and efforts to inspire student success.  We encourage you to contact the department to connect with our students as follows:

  • Schedule a seminar
  • Speak with students in a class related to your area of expertise
  • Discuss your career path and preparation with students in the Junior Professional Orientation class
  • Meet with our student organizations
  • Share your “I AM” story virtually with a 2-minute video
  • Employ your Employer