CS 5381 Topics in Software Engineering/CS 4390 Special Topics - Introduction to Formal Methods, Fall 2016


  1. Homework 1: Z [hw1.txt]
  2. Homework 2: OCL [hw2.txt] [hw2-app.pdf]
  3. Homework 3: JML
  4. Homework 4: LSL [hw4.txt]


Note that a semester project is only for CS 5381 students; CS 4390 students are not required, though encouraged, to do a semester project, but they can opt for the semester project instead of taking the final exam.

A written proposal is due on Wednesday, October 17th, and we will have proposal presentations on that day.

A written project report is due on Wednesday, November 30th, and we will have final project presentations on November 28th and 30th.

It is recommend to use either ACM or IEEE styles when writing project proposals and final reports. You can find both LaTeX style files and MS Word template files by following the links below.

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