Accessing Repository

This page contains instructions to access the project repository of Software Specification and Verification (SSV) Laboratory and is intended for use only by SSV members.

You can access the CVS repository of SSV lab either through its Web interface or by using CVS client programs.

View CVS

You can browse the CVS repository at This Web interface will give you a view of the whole history of any file in the repository as well as the possibility to list the differences among two versions. However, the Web interface does not allow you to commit to the repository. For that, you need a CVS account; see below.

CVS Login

If you have a CVS account, you can access the repository directly from the command line; if you don't have a CVS account, see below. For example, the following commands will check out the UTJML module from the repository:

cvs login
cvs checkout UTJML
It is handy to set the CVSROOT environment variable in your shell initialization or startup file (e.g., .bashrc):
Then, you can execute the following two command to check out the UTJML module:
cvs login
cvs checkout UTJML
An alternative would be to define an alias (e.g., cvsssvl) in your shell initialization or startup file (e.g., .bashrc); if you need to access more than one CVS server, this approach might be better.
alias cvsssvl='cvs'
For CVS commands, refer to the CVS home page.

Accesing from Eclipse

If you use Eclipse as your development envrionment, Eclipse provides an easy-to-use interface to CVS. To create a new project from a CVS repository module, do the following (tested on Eclipse version 3.0);

  1. Click File>New>Project
  2. Select the wizard CVS>Checkout Project from CVS
  3. If you access the repository for the first time, you need to specify the following information for the repository; otherwise, you may use an existing repository location.
  4. On "Select Module" dialog, specify the module name (e.g., UTJML or UVV) or choose "Use an existing module" to view all available modules and then select one.
  5. If you click the Finish button from the "Select Module" dialog, the chosen module will be checked out from the repository and become a new Eclipse project.

A bunch of CVS-related actions are available from the Team menu item of the popup menu on the Package Explorer. Eclipse also provide "CVS Repository Exploring Perspective" that contains the CVS Repositories view, the CVS Resource History view, and an editor area. For details of Eclipse support for CVS, refer to Eclipse documents.

CVS Accounts

If you are a member of SSV lab and don't have a CVS account yet, you can request one on-line.

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