The UTJML Project

General Description

The main goal of this project is to promote behavioral interface specifications as a practical programming tool. For this, the project has two objectives:

Our approach is to extend the
Java Modeling Language (JML), a behavioral interface specification language (BISL) for Java (see Figure 1) and experiment various specification techniques and notations. As stated above, tool development is an integral part of our project, and in particular we are interested in runtime assertion checking and its applications, such as specification-based automated testing.

UTJML Language
Figure 1. UTJML as an extension to JML

Current Research

Yoonsik Cheon and several of his graduate students are leading this project. Specific research topics include the following:


Refer to Yoonsik Cheon's Publications for related articles and papers.


An early proof-of-concept prototype of UTJML is available from Yoonsik Cheon's Software Download Page.

For Local Developers

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