Package edu.utep.cs.utjml.tgen

Interface Summary
Constants An interface to define constants.
Denotable An interface to denote values that can be part of a test case.
TcgObserver An interface to observe the JML test case generator.

Class Summary
ArrayValue A class to represent array values.
ArrayValueCreator A class to create array values.
BooleanValue A class to represent boolean values.
ClassValueCreator A class to create class values.
FancyTabbedPrintWriter A more convenient print writer.
IntValue A class to represent int values.
Main A class implementing the entry point of the JML/JUnit test case generator.
MethodCall A class to represent method calls.
MethodInfo A common information needed from JMethodDeclarationType and CMethod in this class.
StringValueCreator A class to create string values.
TcgClassLoader A special class loader to take into account of tgen-specific options such as -C (--classpath).
TcgOptions This class is automatically generated from TcgOptions.opt and contains member fields corresponding to command-line options.
TcgTestResult A class for collecting the results of executing test cases.
TcgTestRunner A JML/JUnit test runner class.
TestCase A class to represent test cases.
TestCaseCreator A class to create a set of test cases for a given method.
TestClassGenerator A class for generating JML/JUnit test driver classes.
TestClassGenerator.NameGenerator A class for generating unique names for test methods.
TestDataClassGenerator A class for generating JML/JUnit test data classes.
Utils A utility class that provides various static methods.
Value An abstract class to denote various values.
ValueCreator A class to create various values.

Exception Summary
Main.TcgClassNotFoundException Unchecked version of ClassNotFoundException.


UTJML is Copyright (C) 2004-2006 by University of Texas at El Paso and is distributed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This release depends on code from the JML project.