Interface Comparable

All Known Subinterfaces:
CompilerPassEnterable, JClassDeclarationType, JCompilationUnitType, JConstructorDeclarationType, JInterfaceDeclarationType, JMethodDeclarationType, JMLComparable, JMLInfiniteInteger, JTypeDeclarationType, TotallyOrderedCompareTo
All Known Implementing Classes:
BigInteger, Byte, CClass, Character, ClassConstant, CMethod, CType, Double, File, Float, InnerClassInfo, Integer, JClassDeclaration, JCompilationUnit, JConstructorDeclaration, JInterfaceDeclaration, JMethodDeclaration, JMLByte, JMLChar, JmlClassDeclaration, JmlCompilationUnit, JmlConstructorDeclaration, JMLDouble, JMLFloat, JmlHTML.IntPair, JmlHTML.IntString, JMLInfiniteIntegerClass, JMLInteger, JmlInterfaceDeclaration, JMLLong, JmlMethodDeclaration, JMLShort, JMLString, JmlTypeDeclaration, JTypeDeclaration, JTypeDeclaration.MethodRecord, Long, Main.Task, Member, NaturalNumber, RacParser.RacMethodDeclaration, Short, String

public interface Comparable

Method Summary
 int compareTo(Object)

Method Detail


public int compareTo(Object)


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