Class ShortNonNegativeIteratorDecorator

  extended byorg.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies.ShortAbstractIterator
      extended byorg.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies.ShortAbstractFilteringIteratorDecorator
          extended byorg.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies.ShortNonNegativeIteratorDecorator
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, IndefiniteIterator, ShortIterator

public class ShortNonNegativeIteratorDecorator
extends ShortAbstractFilteringIteratorDecorator

An indefinite iterator that filters out negative test data.

Gary T. Leavens

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ShortNonNegativeIteratorDecorator(ShortIterator iter)
Method Summary
 boolean approve(short elem)
          Return true just when the argument is not negative.
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Constructor Detail


public ShortNonNegativeIteratorDecorator(ShortIterator iter)
Method Detail


public boolean approve(short elem)
Return true just when the argument is not negative.


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