Interface JMLValueType

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, JMLType, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
JMLEqualsToEqualsRelationEnumerator, JMLEqualsToEqualsRelationImageEnumerator, JMLEqualsToObjectRelationEnumerator, JMLEqualsToObjectRelationImageEnumerator, JMLEqualsToValueRelationEnumerator, JMLEqualsToValueRelationImageEnumerator, JMLListValueNode, JMLObjectToEqualsRelationEnumerator, JMLObjectToEqualsRelationImageEnumerator, JMLObjectToObjectRelationEnumerator, JMLObjectToObjectRelationImageEnumerator, JMLObjectToValueRelationEnumerator, JMLObjectToValueRelationImageEnumerator, JMLValueBagEnumerator, JMLValueBagSpecs, JMLValueSequenceEnumerator, JMLValueSequenceSpecs, JMLValueSetEnumerator, JMLValueSetSpecs, JMLValueToEqualsRelationEnumerator, JMLValueToEqualsRelationImageEnumerator, JMLValueToObjectRelationEnumerator, JMLValueToObjectRelationImageEnumerator, JMLValueToValueRelationEnumerator, JMLValueToValueRelationImageEnumerator

public interface JMLValueType
extends JMLType

Objects that contain values. It is the intention that classes that implement JMLValueType provide a "value semantics" for both clone() and equal(). Equality must be defined by the ".equals()" for any objects contained within an instance of the class. clone() must use the ".clone()" methods of any objects contained in an instance of the class. Hence, classes that implement JMLValueType have objects that are "containers of values", in the sense that the user is interested in the values referenced, not not simply the "addresses".

$Revision: 1.11 $
Gary T. Leavens, Albert L. Baker
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Method Summary
 Object clone()
          Return a deep copy of this object.
 boolean equals(Object ob2)
          Compare with ob2 using .equals on underlying objects.
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Method Detail


public Object clone()
Return a deep copy of this object.

Specified by:
clone in interface JMLType


public boolean equals(Object ob2)
Compare with ob2 using .equals on underlying objects.

Specified by:
equals in interface JMLType


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