Interface CInitializerContextType

All Superinterfaces:
CContextType, CMethodContextType
All Known Implementing Classes:
CInitializerContext, JmlInitializerContext

public interface CInitializerContextType
extends CMethodContextType

This class represents the context for a static initializer during checking passes (checkInterface, checkInitializers, typecheck).

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Method Summary
 boolean isInInitializer()
          Indicates whether this context is enclosed in an instance or static initializer.
Methods inherited from interface org.multijava.mjc.CMethodContextType
addThrowable, createFlowControlContext, createFlowControlContext, getCMethod, getMethodContext, isInConstructor, isPure, isStatic, throwables, verifyExceptions
Methods inherited from interface org.multijava.mjc.CContextType
addFANonNull, addFANonNulls, addFANull, addFANulls, adoptNullityInfo, arithmeticMode, catchUp, check, check, check, check, classToGenerate, createClassContext, createExtMethodContext, createInterfaceContext, declaredOutsideOfLoop, declares, dumpNonNulls, fail, fail, findNearestHost, getClassContext, getCompilationUnit, getCompiler, getFANonNulls, getFANulls, getFlowControlContext, getParentContext, initializeField, isBeforeSuperConstructorCall, isFANonNull, isFieldDefinitelyAssigned, isInLoop, lookupClass, lookupField, lookupField, lookupLocalVariable, lookupMethod, lookupMethod, lookupMethodOrSet, lookupMethodOrSet, lookupOuterField, lookupOuterField, lookupOuterLocalVariable, lookupTypeVariable, mergeNullityInfo, modUtil, registerGFDecl, registerVisibleMethod, registerVisibleType, removeAllFANullity, removeFANonNull, replaceFieldInfoUpTo, reportTrouble, resolveMaybeExtMethodRef

Method Detail


public boolean isInInitializer()
Indicates whether this context is enclosed in an instance or static initializer.

Specified by:
isInInitializer in interface CMethodContextType


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