Interface CInterfaceContextType

All Superinterfaces:
CClassContextType, CContextType
All Known Implementing Classes:
CInterfaceContext, JmlInterfaceContext

public interface CInterfaceContextType
extends CClassContextType

This class represents the context for an interface declaration during checking passes (checkInterface, checkInitializers, typecheck).

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Method Summary
 void checkingComplete(JTypeDeclarationType decl, CVariableInfoTable staticC, CVariableInfoTable instanceC, CVariableInfoTable[] constructorsC)
          Verifies all final fields are initialized.
Methods inherited from interface org.multijava.mjc.CClassContextType
addInitializer, createConstructorContext, createInitializerContext, createMethodContext, fieldInfo, fieldInfoTable, findNearestHost, getClassContext, getHostClass, getOwnerClass, hasInitializer, initializeField, isFieldDefinitelyAssigned, lookupClass, lookupField, lookupMethod, lookupMethodOrSet, lookupOuterField, lookupOuterLocalVariable, lookupTypeVariable, markAllFieldsAsInitialized, registerVisibleType, replaceFieldInfoUpTo, resolveMaybeExtMethodRef, setFieldInfoTable
Methods inherited from interface org.multijava.mjc.CContextType
addFANonNull, addFANonNulls, addFANull, addFANulls, adoptNullityInfo, arithmeticMode, catchUp, check, check, check, check, classToGenerate, createClassContext, createExtMethodContext, createInterfaceContext, declaredOutsideOfLoop, declares, dumpNonNulls, fail, fail, getCMethod, getCompilationUnit, getCompiler, getFANonNulls, getFANulls, getFlowControlContext, getMethodContext, getParentContext, isBeforeSuperConstructorCall, isFANonNull, isInConstructor, isInInitializer, isInLoop, isPure, isStatic, lookupField, lookupLocalVariable, lookupMethod, lookupMethodOrSet, lookupOuterField, mergeNullityInfo, modUtil, registerGFDecl, registerVisibleMethod, removeAllFANullity, removeFANonNull, reportTrouble

Method Detail


public void checkingComplete(JTypeDeclarationType decl,
                             CVariableInfoTable staticC,
                             CVariableInfoTable instanceC,
                             CVariableInfoTable[] constructorsC)
                               throws UnpositionedError
Verifies all final fields are initialized. Currently this checks nothing. Probably needs to check that fields are initialized since interfaces can have fields (or does this initialization then fall to implementors?). !FIXME!

Specified by:
checkingComplete in interface CClassContextType
UnpositionedError - if any checks fail


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