Interface JConstructorDeclarationType

All Superinterfaces:
Annotatable, Comparable, JMemberDeclarationType, JMethodDeclarationType, PhylumType
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public interface JConstructorDeclarationType
extends JMethodDeclarationType

This type represents a constructor in the AST.

Method Summary
 void typecheck(CClassContextType context, CVariableInfoTable instanceInfo)
          Typechecks this method declaration.
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addParameter, body, checkInterface, checkInterfaceType, checkOverriding, compareTo, createSelfContext, getExceptions, hasBody, ident, isDeclaredNonNull, isExternal, isOverriding, modifiers, overriddenMethods, parameters, resolveExtMethods, resolveSpecializers, resolveTopMethods, returnType, setModifiers, setParameters, typecheck, usesMultipleDispatch
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accept, genComments, getCClass, getField, getMethod, isDeprecated
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getTokenReference, setTokenReference
Methods inherited from interface org.multijava.javadoc.Annotatable

Method Detail


public void typecheck(CClassContextType context,
                      CVariableInfoTable instanceInfo)
                        throws PositionedError
Typechecks this method declaration. Mutates the context to record the information gathered during the checks.

context - the context in which this method appears
instanceInfo - the definite-assignment state of the surrounding class after instance initializers but before any constructors
PositionedError - if the checks fail and the failure cannot be recovered from


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