Class JTypeDeclaration.MethodList

  extended byjava.util.AbstractCollection
      extended byjava.util.AbstractList
          extended byjava.util.ArrayList
              extended byorg.multijava.mjc.JTypeDeclaration.MethodList
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Collection, List, RandomAccess, Serializable
Enclosing class:

class JTypeDeclaration.MethodList
extends ArrayList

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
(package private) JTypeDeclaration.MethodList(int initialCapacity)
Method Summary
(package private)  void addAppropriateMethodTo(ArrayList methods, JTypeDeclaration.DispatcherClassList dispClasses, int gfID)
          Determines whether a dispatcher is needed for the methods in this.
(package private)  boolean addMethod(JTypeDeclaration.MethodRecord m)
(package private)  JTypeDeclaration.MethodRecord getMethod(int index)
(package private)  CSourceMethod[] methodArray()
(package private)  void methodArray(CSourceMethod[] dst, int offset)
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Constructor Detail


JTypeDeclaration.MethodList(int initialCapacity)
Method Detail


boolean addMethod(JTypeDeclaration.MethodRecord m)


JTypeDeclaration.MethodRecord getMethod(int index)


CSourceMethod[] methodArray()


void methodArray(CSourceMethod[] dst,
                 int offset)


void addAppropriateMethodTo(ArrayList methods,
                            JTypeDeclaration.DispatcherClassList dispClasses,
                            int gfID)
Determines whether a dispatcher is needed for the methods in this. If so, creates the dispatcher. If the dispatcher is for an internal generic function, then it is added to methods, otherwise the constructor for the dispatcher will generate a CSourceDispatcherClass instance and, if necessary, a CSourceDispatcherSignature instance and add them to the list of classes to be generated and to the list of inner classes for this. If no dispatcher is required then this method adds the (necessarily) single method in this group to methods. The gfID is used to give each gf's associated $body methods a unique name.


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