Interface SigSourceMember

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public interface SigSourceMember

This interface is implemented by signature forest classes that correspond to specific member declarations in an AST. The interface allows one to find the AST node for a declaration from the signature of that declaration.

$Revision: 1.1 $
Curtis Clifton

Method Summary
 JMemberDeclaration declarationASTNode()
          Returns the AST node for the declaration corresponding to this signature.

Method Detail


public JMemberDeclaration declarationASTNode()
Returns the AST node for the declaration corresponding to this signature. May return null if mapping to declaration is not available. For example, an objects representing a synthetic method might be a subtype of CSourceMethod, yet such an object does not have a corresponding AST node.

 ensures \result instanceof JTypeDeclaration ==> 
		\result.getCClass() == this;
 ensures \result instanceof JMethodDeclaration ==> 
		\result.getMethod() == this;
 ensures \result instanceof JFieldDeclaration ==> 
		\result.getField() == this;


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