Class TestMjcParser.TestCompiler

  extended byorg.multijava.util.Utils
      extended byorg.multijava.util.compiler.Compiler
          extended byorg.multijava.mjc.Main
              extended byorg.multijava.mjc.TestMjcParser.TestCompiler
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, TroubleReporter
Enclosing class:

protected static class TestMjcParser.TestCompiler
extends Main

Nested Class Summary
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Main.CheckInitializerTask, Main.CheckInterfaceTask, Main.ContextBehavior, Main.DFilter, Main.ExpectedGF, Main.ExpectedIndifferent, Main.ExpectedResult, Main.ExpectedType, Main.Filter, Main.ParseTask, Main.PreprocessTask, Main.PrettyPrintTask, Main.ResolveSpecializerTask, Main.ResolveTopMethodTask, Main.Task, Main.TaskTimes, Main.TranslateMJTask, Main.TreeProcessingTask, Main.Trees, Main.TypecheckTask
Field Summary
private  StringBuffer errorOut
Fields inherited from class org.multijava.mjc.Main
activeSequenceID, activeTaskPriority, allowUniverseAnnotations, allowUniverseBytecode, allowUniverseChecks, allowUniverseDynChecks, allowUniverseKeywords, allowUniversePurity, appName, classes, codeGenNeeded, contextsCreated, destination, errorFound, errorLimit, filesFound, mostSevereWarningIssued, options, parseJavadoc, PRI_CHECK_INITIALIZER, PRI_CHECK_INTERFACE, PRI_PARSE, PRI_PREPROCESS, PRI_PRETTY_PRINT, PRI_RESOLVE_SPECIALIZER, PRI_TOP_METHODS, PRI_TRANSLATE_MJ, PRI_TYPECHECK, taskQueue, uncheckedWarningsIssued, UNIVERSE_ANNOTATIONS, UNIVERSE_BYTECODE, UNIVERSE_CHECKS, UNIVERSE_DYNCHECKS, UNIVERSE_FULL, UNIVERSE_NO, UNIVERSE_PARSE, UNIVERSE_PURITY, universeVersion
Fields inherited from class org.multijava.util.compiler.Compiler
Fields inherited from class org.multijava.util.Utils
Constructor Summary
(package private) TestMjcParser.TestCompiler(StringBuffer errorOut, ModifierUtility modUtil)
Method Summary
 int optimizeCode()
 boolean parseComments()
          Returns true iff comments should be parsed (false if to be skipped)
 void reportTrouble(Exception trouble)
          Reports a trouble (error or warning).
 boolean RMJ()
 boolean run(String[] args)
          Runs a compilation session
 boolean verboseMode()
Methods inherited from class org.multijava.mjc.Main
activeSequenceID, adoptCompilationUnitContext, bugReportBoilerplate, bugReportProperty, bugReportRequest, catchUp, catchUp, catchUpGF, catchUpType, checkPackageName, classToGenerate, compile, compile, contextBehavior, createCompilationUnitContext, createTaskAfter, currentlyParsingFor, expandAtFiles, experimentalArrayHandling, failedParsing, filenameFilter, firstCheckingTask, firstTask, firstTask, genCode, Generic, Generic, getClasses, getDefaultFilter, getFilter, getOptionsInstance, getWarningFilterNameFromOptions, handleDirectories, handleNonOptions, handlePackageName, handlePackages, hasAlreadyFailedToParseFor, hasAlreadySuccessfullyParsed, initialize, initSession, initSession, interruptCompilation, isAnExpectedResult, isCurrentlyParsingFor, main, mainSequenceID, makeOptionsInstance, nonNullTypes, noteError, options, parseArguments, parseAtFile, prettyPrint, processTaskQueue, quietMode, RecommendedWarning, reportTroubleFiltered, run, runCompilation, runInitialization, runParser, runSetInitialTasks, safeMath, setAllowUniverses, setContextBehavior, setMainSequenceID, setUniverseChecks, setUniversePurity, subdirectoryFilter, successfullyParsed, suppressWarning, taskQueueEmptied, universeBytecode, universeBytecodeAnnotations, universeChecks, universeDynChecks, universeKeywords, universePurity, universeVersion, validPackageName
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getTimestamp, inform, inform, inform, inform, inform, inform, inform, inform, inform, modUtil, run, setOutputStream, verifyFiles, verifyFiles
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assertTrue, assertTrue, combineArrays, escapeString, escapeString, fail, fail, getFilePath, hasFlag, hasOtherFlags, parsePathParts, relativePathTo, splitQualifiedName, splitQualifiedName, stripJavaModifiers, stripNonJavaModifiers, stripPrivateModifier, unescapeString, vectorToArray, vectorToIntArray
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Field Detail


private StringBuffer errorOut
Constructor Detail


TestMjcParser.TestCompiler(StringBuffer errorOut,
                           ModifierUtility modUtil)
Method Detail


public boolean parseComments()
Description copied from class: Main
Returns true iff comments should be parsed (false if to be skipped)

parseComments in class Main


public void reportTrouble(Exception trouble)
Description copied from class: Main
Reports a trouble (error or warning). All error and warning output should go through this method so that subclasses can handle such output as they see fit (it is best if all output other than the progress output that is shut off by -quiet go through here - no direct uses of System.out).

Specified by:
reportTrouble in interface TroubleReporter
reportTrouble in class Main
trouble - a description of the trouble to report.


public boolean run(String[] args)
Description copied from class: Main
Runs a compilation session

run in class Main


public boolean verboseMode()
Description copied from class: Compiler
Returns true iff compilation runs in verbose mode.

verboseMode in class Main


public int optimizeCode()
optimizeCode in class Main


public boolean RMJ()
RMJ in class Main


mjc is Copyright (C) 2000-2004 by Iowa State University and is distributed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. mjc is based in part on the Kopi project Copyright (C) 1990-99 DMS Decision Management Systems Ges.m.b.H.