Class JumpInstruction

  extended byorg.multijava.util.classfile.AbstractInstructionAccessor
      extended byorg.multijava.util.classfile.Instruction
          extended byorg.multijava.util.classfile.JumpInstruction
All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessorContainer, Constants, InstructionAccessor

public class JumpInstruction
extends Instruction
implements AccessorContainer

This class represents instructions that take a label as argument.

Field Summary
private  InstructionAccessor target
private  boolean wide
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Constructor Summary
JumpInstruction(int opcode, InstructionAccessor target)
          Constructs a new instruction that takes a label as argument.
Method Summary
 boolean canComplete()
          Returns true iff control flow can reach the next instruction in textual order.
(package private)  void check(CodeEnv env, int curStack)
          Verifies the enclosed instruction and computes the stack height.
(package private)  void computeEndAddress(CodePosition position)
          Computes the address of the end of the instruction.
 void dump()
 int getPushedOnStack()
          Returns the size of data pushed on the stack by this instruction
 byte getReturnType()
          Returns the type pushed on the stack
(package private)  int getSize()
          Returns the number of bytes used by the the instruction in the code array.
 int getStack()
          Return the amount of stack (positive or negative) used by this instruction
 InstructionAccessor getTarget()
          Return the target of this instruction
(package private)  void resolveConstants(ConstantPool cp)
          Insert or check location of constant value on constant pool
 void setTarget(InstructionAccessor target)
          Sets the target for this instruction
 void transformAccessors(AccessorTransformer transformer)
          Transforms targets (deferences to actual instructions).
(package private)  void write(ConstantPool cp, DataOutput out)
          Write this instruction into a file
Methods inherited from class org.multijava.util.classfile.Instruction
getAddress, getLocalVar, getOpcode, getPoppedFromStack, isLiteral, setAddress, setOpcode
Methods inherited from class org.multijava.util.classfile.AbstractInstructionAccessor
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


private InstructionAccessor target


private boolean wide
Constructor Detail


public JumpInstruction(int opcode,
                       InstructionAccessor target)
Constructs a new instruction that takes a label as argument.

opcode - the opcode of the instruction
target - the referenced instruction
Method Detail


public boolean canComplete()
Returns true iff control flow can reach the next instruction in textual order.


public void transformAccessors(AccessorTransformer transformer)
                        throws BadAccessorException
Transforms targets (deferences to actual instructions).

Specified by:
transformAccessors in interface AccessorContainer
transformer - the transformer used to transform accessors


public void setTarget(InstructionAccessor target)
Sets the target for this instruction


public InstructionAccessor getTarget()
Return the target of this instruction


int getSize()
Returns the number of bytes used by the the instruction in the code array.


void check(CodeEnv env,
           int curStack)
     throws ClassFileFormatException
Verifies the enclosed instruction and computes the stack height.

check in class Instruction
env - the check environment
curStack - the stack height at the end of the execution of the instruction
true iff the next instruction in textual order needs to be checked, i.e. this instruction has not been checked before and it can complete normally
ClassFileFormatException - a problem was detected


void computeEndAddress(CodePosition position)
Computes the address of the end of the instruction.

computeEndAddress in class Instruction
position - the minimum and maximum address of the begin of this instruction. This parameter is changed to the minimum and maximum address of the end of this instruction.


public int getPushedOnStack()
Returns the size of data pushed on the stack by this instruction


public byte getReturnType()
Returns the type pushed on the stack


public int getStack()
Return the amount of stack (positive or negative) used by this instruction


void resolveConstants(ConstantPool cp)
Insert or check location of constant value on constant pool

cp - the constant pool for this class


void write(ConstantPool cp,
           DataOutput out)
     throws IOException
Write this instruction into a file

cp - the constant pool that contain all data
out - the file where to write this object info
IOException - an io problem has occured


public void dump()
dump in class Instruction


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