Interface PhylumType

All Known Subinterfaces:
JClassDeclarationType, JConstructorDeclarationType, JFieldDeclarationType, JInterfaceDeclarationType, JMemberDeclarationType, JMethodDeclarationType, JTypeDeclarationType
All Known Implementing Classes:
JClassDeclaration, JConstructorDeclaration, JFieldDeclaration, JInterfaceDeclaration, JMemberDeclaration, JMethodDeclaration, JTypeDeclaration, Phylum

public interface PhylumType

This is the common supertype for all elements of the parsing tree.

Method Summary
 TokenReference getTokenReference()
          Returns the token reference of this node in the source text.
 void setTokenReference(TokenReference where)
          Change the token reference of this node

Method Detail


public TokenReference getTokenReference()
Returns the token reference of this node in the source text.

the entire token reference


public void setTokenReference(TokenReference where)
Change the token reference of this node

where - the new token reference


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