Course Learning Outcomes

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CS 1401: Introduction to Computer Science
CS 2302: Data Structures
CS 2401: Elementary Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 3195: Junior Professional Orientation
CS 3320: Computer Architecture II: Advanced Computer Design and Implementation
CS 3331: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
CS 3350: Automata, Computability, and Formal Languages
CS 3360: Design and Implementation of Programming Languages
CS 3432: Computer Architecture I: Basic Computer Organization and Design
CS 4310: Software Engineering: Requirements Engineering
CS 4311: Software Engineering: Design and Implementation
CS 4317: Human-Computer Interaction
CS 4320: Artificial Intelligence
CS 4342: Database Management
CS 4351: Computer Security
CS 4352: Compilers and Interpreters
CS 4375: Theory of Operating Systems



Knowledge Unit Mappings