Graduate Admissions FAQ


How do I apply?

Follow the how to apply instructions on the UTEP Graduate School Website:

Review of applications for the fall semester begins in December.  Applicants will receive their admissions decision from Graduate School via e-mail.

Students applying to the fast-track program or applying for reserve credit must meet with the graduate advisor for their program of interest prior to submitting an application.

Instructions for making an appointment with a graduate advisor:

For any of the following, MS-CS, MS-IT, Cyber-Security Graduate Certificate, and CS-PhD, please send an appointment request to Dr. Christopher Kiekintveld via e-mail, and include 2-3 timeslots that work for you.

For the MS-SWE, please send an appointment request to Dr. Salamah Salamah via e-mail, copy the following e-mail address:, and include 2-3 timeslots that work for you.


What are the application deadlines?

Fall Semester:
Feb 15 (International applicants)
July 15 (Domestic and international applicants who do not require a visa)

Spring Semester:
Aug 15 (International applicants)
Nov 15 (Domestic and international applicants who do not require a visa)

Doctoral admitted students are automatically considered for Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant positions.  To receive full consideration for funding opportunities, all doctoral applicants are encouraged to apply by the international application deadline.


Which application do I choose?

The online application available through the UTEP Graduate School website requires you to first select whether you are an International or Domestic/Mexican applicant, and then locate the program you are applying to and select the semester when you would like to start the program.


Doctoral Program:
Computer Science/PHD

Master’s Programs:
Computer Science
Information Technology
Software Engineering
Cyber- Security Graduate Certificate
Non-Degree/Engineering (Listed under the College of Engineering section of the Graduate School applications)


Which application do I choose for the Fast-Track program?

Select the Fast Track Program application,  when applying to either the Fast-Track/MS-CS, or Fast-Track/MS-SWE program.

The BS-CS/MBA Fast Track  program application is listed under the College of Business section of the graduate school applications.


Which application do I choose if I need leveling courses?

You may select the application for the graduate program you are pursuing in order to be considered for a conditional admittance (domestic applicants only). If you are provided conditional admittance, you will need to complete the leveling course requirements within two regular semesters and maintain a B average for the leveling courses.


You may enroll at UTEP with a non-degree, or second bachelor’s, undergraduate status, or with a  non-degree/engineering graduate status.


What documents do I need to submit with my application?

Official transcripts—Of all previous academic work

GRE scores– The general GRE exam is required.

Personal statement—Approximately 2 pages long, describing your reasons for pursuing graduate study, academic and professional interests, and goals. Might include events/experiences that prepared you for CS graduate study and how your interests compliment our department’s faculty and research.

2 letters of recommendation– optional for the  Cyber Security Certificate—Letters should emphasize research experience and/or academic achievements.

CV/resume—With evidence of other relevant personal or professional experience

TOEFL or IELTS–Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is required if your native country’s primary language is not English. This requirement is waived if you have a bachelor’s from an accredited U.S. institution or other English-only speaking country.

Contact Graduate School at 915) 747-5491 or visit their website for any issues or questions concerning submitting these documents.


Does the CS Department require a different  TOEFL or IELTS minimum score from what is listed on the graduate school website?

No, the CS department adheres to the minimum scores listed on the Graduate School website.


What criteria are used to evaluate students for admissions into a CS graduate program?

The CS graduate committee evaluates applicants for graduate study based on their application as a whole. Factors that are considered are grades, test scores, computer science background, letters of reference, and statement of purpose.


Are there minimum GRE and GPA scores required for admission?

There is no minimum GPA, or GRE test score, requirement, although applicants admitted to the CS graduate program usually have either a high quantitative GRE score or higher than average CS or overall GPA.


Do I need an undergraduate degree in CS to be accepted into a CS graduate program?

If you do not have a CS bachelor’s degree, you may still apply for any of the CS graduate programs and be considered for conditional admittance (option not available for international students).

The pre-requisite for admission to a CS graduate studies program is that you demonstrate sufficient knowledge to be successful in your program of interest. This can be achieved by enrolling in leveling courses, or by other means, such as online resources, and self-study.

The knowledge that each program requires is available by reading the course learning outcomes of the courses provided in Table 1.  Courses are divided into levels in order to reflect the order in which the courses can be taken at UTEP.  Additional courses may be added in Level 4 for the MS-CS or CS-PhD on a case by case basis.

Table 1: Leveling Course Requirements by Graduate Program







Course Levels Additional Info.

MATH 1411;

CS 1301 & 1101 or CS 1401


Math 2300***; CS 2401


CS 2302; EE 2369 & 2169**


CS 3331 OR

CS 3432

Number of semesters needed to complete Levels 1-4. * Level during which it is
recommended you apply to the program.
MS-CS CS 3331 & 3432 4 3
MS-IT  CS 2302 3 1
MS-SWE CS 3331 4 1
Cyber-Security Certificate CS 3331 & 3432 4 3
CS-PHD CS 3331 & 3432 4 3

* Assuming all courses listed in each level can be taken concurrently. CS 1301& 1101, 2401, and 2302 are courses commonly offered in the summer.
**EE 2369 & 2169 may be moved to Level 2 or Level 4, and special approval is needed to move it to Level 1; the pre-requisite for the course is CS 1401.
***MATH 2300 can be moved to Level 1, if you already have credit for the pre-requisite, MATH 1411.