Computer Science Graduate Studies

The UTEP Graduate School provides deadlines and information sessions for students preparing for graduation. Review and approval of the final degree plan and application for degree/certificate forms must be completed by the student’s Graduate Program Advisor.  After the required signatures are obtained on the final degree plan and graduation application, both forms should be delivered to the CS front office so that a copy of the signed forms can be added to the student’s file.  The forms are then delivered by the student to the College of Engineering E-PASO Office (E-226) for processing.  The Graduate School will receive the graduation forms directly from the college after they’ve been signed by the College of Engineering Dean.

For detailed graduation instructions following submission of the degree plan and application, students should visit the appropriate link below:

Master’s Students

Doctoral Students

Below is a list of degree-completion forms available on the graduate school website.

  1.  Final Degree Plan
  2.  Application for Degree/Certificate Form
  3.  Completion/Defense Form
  4.  Resume & Biographical Sketch (Required from Doctoral Candidates Only)
  5.  Survey of Earned Doctorates (Required from Doctoral Candidates Only)


Order of the Engineer

The Order of the Engineer ceremony celebrates the graduating class of engineers. Each student receiving a Bachelor of Science degree will receive a stainless steel ring to show their obligation to the profession.


To obtain information regarding commencement please click here.