Princess Trillo

SHiPPER scholar (undergraduate student)
Computer Science Department
The University of Texas at El Paso

Global Computing Lab Internship

As part of the SHiPPER scholarship, I spent Summer 2007 working on an internship at UTEPís Global Computing Lab led by Dr. Michela Taufer. My project was to create an interactive web page that would enable users to automatically create multiple citations, in either IEEE or ACM style, simultaneously.


In October of 2007, the SHiPPER scholarship funded my travel expenses to the conference I consider to be the most important of my college career: Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (ourCS), which was a research focused conference that provided undergraduate women in computer science the opportunity to work on exploratory problems lead by industry and academia experts. I had always known that I would continue on to graduate school, but I had never given that idea a second thought. I figured it would be a continuation to undergraduate studies and I never realized the underlying complexity of such decision. At ourCS, I attended talks and seminars that provided me with valuable information that I have now taken into account for graduate school.

State Farm internship offer

I was invited to participate in State Farmís summer 2008 internship as a systems analyst. I had a preliminary interview at career fair in late September 2007 and was invited to a second fly-in interview in early October at Bloomington, IL. The interview was a success and I received an invitation in early November.

Texas Instruments internship invitation

I was invited to participate in Texas Instruments summer 2008 internship as a business analyst.

CS Women at UTEP

During previous semesters at UTEP we had a faculty member who started and supported the Computer Science Women group. The group's objective was to create a CS women netowork that could serve to support each other. Due to unavailability of the professor who started the group, the monthly meetings were suspended and the group quietly died away. My contribution was to help revive this group and restart the informative meetings that were held in the past. I know co-coordinate this group with other women in the department.

Semester Abroad in Spain accaptance

Being a SHiPPER scholar enables me to regularly attend and participated in research meetings at UTEP and other universities. While at one of these meetings, the work of a university in Valencia, Spain was brought to discussion. Their work was quite interesting and I decided to look into it. I applied for a semester abroad in Valencia and was accepted into the program. I was awarded the semester abroad scholarship to help fund my travel expenses.

ourCS panel at Grace Hopper 2008

Given the effect that ourCS conference had on me, I was invited to participate on an informative panel at Grace Hopper 2008 conference. This panel aims to provide information to other undergraduate school about research and graduate school opportunities.

Alaska Research Challenge

I applied for the Alaska Research Challenge 2008 summer internship at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. The internship is quite competitive, however I was selected as one of this yearís participants. I will be at Fairbanks, Alaska for ten weeks where I will be working on analysis and optimization for supercomputing batch job schedulers.


I attended the GRAD Lab at UTEP, which objective was to provide underrepresented students with information about funding for graduate education. I am not a U.S. citizen and therefore many fellowships are not available for me, however GEM will be opening the application to U.S. citizens and legal residents as well. If I had not attended this Lab, I would have never known this and probably would not have applied for the fellowship.

Expanding Your Horizons Conference at UTEP

I was introduced to computer science when I was a senior in high school, if I had not decided to take the course where I learned how to program in C++, I would have probably gone another route. It is important to expose women earlier during their lives about technology related fields, which is exactly what Expanding Your Horizons Conference aims to do. I coordinated the presentation that Dr. Pat Teller and her research group will be giving to young seventh and eight grade women on behalf of Computer Science department at UTEP.