SHiPPER Scholars

Vladimir Soto

Being part of the SHiPPER program, it has being a big eye opener and has helped me set my future goals. My initial interest in Computer Science was to become a video game developer; however, SHiPPER has exposed me to high performance computing (HPC) and to the research world. As a result, now I am considering a career path in HPC. Thanks to the skills gained during my first year in SHiPPER, I was selected for a summer internship at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. I also participated as student volunteer at the SC07 conference. Both experiences showed me the many applications of the knowledge I'm gaining at SHiPPER and my undergraduate courses.
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Princess Trillo

The SHiPPER scholarship has enabled me to accomplish my academic goals while helping me to regain confidence in myself. As a SHiPPER scholar I have the opportunity to get involved in active research early during my educational career, practicing what I learn while doing what I like.
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Former Scholars

Abel Licon, currently a graduate student at UDEL

David Mireles, currently an undergrad student at UTEP, working in funded research projects

Guillermo Lopez, currently at Ximis in El Paso, Texas

David Gomez-Leon