International Federation of Automatic Control

IFAC Workshop
  Modelling and Analysis of Logic Controlled Dynamic Systems

July 30 - August 1, 2003

Irkutsk, Lake Baikal

Organized by 
Russian National Committee of Automatic Control    
IFAC - International Federation of Automatic Control, 
   Technical Committee on Non-Linear Control Systems
with the support of
 Russian Foundation  for  Basic Research,
 Russian Federal  Goal Program  "Integration",
 Russian Academy of  Sciences (RAS): Division of Energy, Engineering,
   Mechanics and  Control  Processes,
 Siberian Branch of RAS: Institute for System  Dynamics and Control

 IFAC Technical Committee on Control Design,
 IFAC Technical Committee on Optimal Control

Other International Organizations
 Artificial Intelligence in Real Time Control,
 Intelligent Components and Instruments for Control Applications

International Program Committee
Chair:  V.M. Matrosov (Russia)
F.Allgower (Germany)
V.M.Kuntsevich (Ukraine)
G.P.Anshakov (Russia)
A.B.Kurzhanski (Russia)
E.Asarin  (France)
G.Leitmann (USA)
R.Bars    (Hungary)
J.Lunze (Germany)
F.L.Chernousko (Russia)
F.Pereira (Portugal)
P.Colaneri  (Italy)
V.G.Peshekhonov  (Russia)
E.A.Fedosov  (Russia)
J. van  Schuppen  (NL)
A.Isidori   (Italy)
V.P.Shorin  (Russia)
F.M.Kirillova  (Belorussia)
D.Siljak  (USA)
A.F.Kleimenov (Russia)
O.V.Vasiliev  (Russia)
A.Krener (USA)
S.N.Vassilyev (Russia)

National Organizing Committee
Chair:  S.N.Vassilyev

Submission of  the  6-10 page  draft  papers  by e-mail 
in  PDF or   MS Word (DOC)  format  for  review 
no  later than  January 10, 2003. 
Notification of acceptance:  March 10, 2003	
Copyright conditions

The material submitted for presentation at the IFAC  workshop must be
original, not published or being considered elsewhere.  The presented
papers will be further screened for possible publication in the IFAC
Journals (Automatica, Control Engineering Practice, Annual Reviews in
Control, Journal of Process Control and Engineering Applications of
Artificial Intelligence), or in IFAC affiliated journals. All papers
presented will be recorded on the IFAC Publications website

Copyright of material presented at the IFAC workshop is held by
IFAC. Authors will be sent a copyright transfer form. The IFAC
Journals and, after these, IFAC affiliated journals have priority
access to all contributions presented. However, if the author is not
contacted by an editor of these journals, within three months after
the meeting, he/she is free to re-submit the material for publication
elsewhere. In this case, the paper must carry a reference to the IFAC
workshop where it was originally presented.

Address of the Organizing Committee
134, Lermontov str., Institute for  System Dynamics and Control Theory
of  Siberian Branch of  RAS, 
 Irkutsk,  664033,  RUSSIA
Tel.: 7(3952) 464300;     fax: 7(3952) 511616;
Web-site of the Workshop:

For direct correspondence contact please to Lidia Belyaeva via e-mail:	

IFAC Workshop

Modelling and Analysis of Logic Controlled Dynamic Systems

134, Lermontov str., Institute for  System Dynamics and Control Theory
of  SB RAS Irkutsk, 664033


Mathematical  Models of Controlled Dynamics in the Forms of 
1) State Dynamics Equations with  Logical  and Other
  Conditions of Coordinate, Parametric and/or Structural  Changes, 
2) Logical Models of Artificial Intelligence.

Problems of Controllability, Stability, Robustness, Optimality,
Reconfiguration and Action Planning. 

In-depth Discussions of the Relevant Theories and Applications by
Competent Experts of this Field.


Hybrid Systems with Structural Changes and Incomplete Information
Logic-based Intelligent Control
Dynamical Behavior of  Automata Networks
Continuous Time Models with Impulsive Effects Determined by Logical
  and Other Conditions
Applications in Robotics, Transport, Aerospace,  Electronics, Computers


The official language of the Workshop is English.
    No simultaneous translation will be provided.
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