The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics 
   at the  Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
   the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria and
   GAMM-Bulgaria organise a  special session:
  within the frames of the
  4-th International Conference on 
  Large-Scale Scientific Computations
  June 4-8, 2003, Sozopol, BULGARIA
  The range of topics to be discussed in the 
  session includes amongst others:
 - Theory, algorithms and arithmetics for validated numerics;
 - Numerical methods for control problems;
 - Numerical approaches for problems involving
   set-valued functions and interval data;
 - Global optimization and validation;
 - Applications in biology, biotechnology, ecology,
   medicine, economics, engineering, social sciences etc.;
 - Hardware and software support for numerical 
   methods in the above areas.
 The accepted and presented papers will be published in a 
 prestigious  international book series.
  Session organizers:

   M. Krastanov 
   Dept. Biomathematics at IMI-BAS, GAMM-BG

   N. Dimitrova 
   Section BMSC at UMB, GAMM-BG

   V. Veliov 
    Section OR at IMI-BAS and  TU-Vienna

  More information about the conference LSSC'03 
  can be found on the following WEB address:"

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