International Workshop
           Celestial Mechanics-2002: Results and Prospects

      Institute of Applied Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences
           St. Petersburg, Russia, 10-14 September 2002

               First Announcement,  September 2001

The Institute of Applied Astronomy (IPA) will hold a specialized celestial
mechanics  workshop  "Celestial Mechanics-2002: Results and Prospects"
on 10-14 September 2002 in St.Petersburg. In the second half of the last
century celestial mechanics survived a period of extensive development
stimulated by new mathematical methods, space research, computer advances
and rapid progress in the precision of astronomical observations. It seems
reasonable to analyse the present state of art of celestial mechanics in
anticipating new increase in the observation precision due to the future
projects of space astrometry. This is one of the main motivations to
arrange the proposed workshop. The organization of this workshop in IPA is
to continue the tradition of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy (ITA).
After joining ITA to IPA the latter institute became the main scientific
center in Russia designed for the elaboration and production of
astronomical ephemerides. 
   According to its title the scientific program of the workshop will cover
the most various problems of celestial mechanics.  The main attention will
be focused on the following topics:
   1) problems of celestial mechanics in the relativistic framework;
   2) application of analytical and qualitative techniques in modern celestial
   3) models of the orbital motion and rotation of the solar system bodies
       adequate to high-precision observations;
   4) high-precision astrometric observations for celestial mechanics
   5) motion of the Earth's artificial satellites.     
   The working languages of the workshop are Russian and English.
Publication of abstracts and the workshop proceedings is planned in English. 

  A very limited number of grants to facilitate the attendance of the
workshop might be available. 
   The preliminary registration form is given below.   More details will be
provided with the second announcement to be sent to those who return the
attached preliminary registration form.

   The staff of the scientific organizing committee is as follows:
  Yu.V.Batrakov , IPA, St.Petersburg.
  T.V.Bordovitsyna, Tomsk University, Tomsk.
  P.Bretagnon, IMC, Paris, France.
  V.A.Brumberg  - chairman, IPA, St.Petersburg.
  N.V.Emelianov, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow.
  S.Ferraz-Mello  - co-chairman, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  A.M.Finkelstein, IPA (director), St. Petersburg.
  T.Fukushima, NAO, Tokyo, Japan.
  G.Kaplan, USNO, Washington, USA.  
  K.V.Kholshevnikov - vice-chairman, SPb University, St.Petersburg.  
  G.A.Krasinsky, IPA, St.Petersburg.
  A.Milani, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy.
  N.V.Shuigina  - secretary, IPA, St.Petersburg.

  Contact address:

  N.V.Shuigina, CM-2002 SOC Secretary
  Institute of Applied Astronomy
  Kutuzov quay, 10, 191187 St.Petersburg, Russia
  fax: 7-812-275-1119

Preliminary registration form

International Workshop CM-2002

Institute of Applied Astronomy, St.Petersburg, Russia, 10-14 September 2002

Please complete and return this form to the SOC secretary by e-mail or fax
not later than 15 November, 2001






Topic of potential contribution:

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