ICM98 Session on Mathematical Software

The President of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) has asked the Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Mathematicians 1998 (ICM98), August 18-27, 1998 in Berlin, to consider arranging - in addition to the scientific program under the responsibility of the ICM98 program committee - a special session on mathematical software.

No special focus or form of presentation was suggested. The only wish was to cover a broad spectrum. Thus, if possible, the session should include general purpose computer algebra systems as well as, e.g., software systems specialized on number theory, algebra or optimization, or systems assisting the work of the mathematicians in some other specific way. The session should be open for presentations from commercial and academic software development groups.

This is the first call for contributions to get an idea about how many groups or companies are interested in such presentations and to find out their specific wishes.

The current idea is that the Organizing Committee will set up a small committee to select up to 10 software systems for oral 30 minute presentations during one or two afternoons of the congress. Detailed plans can only be made if a good estimate on the number of participants is available.

The organizing committee is also contemplating to offer, for a fee to be determined, space for computer demonstrations of the software packages during the congress - possibly in connection with the book exhibition at ICM98. Technical support from the Technische Universitaet Berlin, where the congress will take place, will be very modest, though. Any response or comment on this first call for participation is welcome. Please send your reply to

Winfried Neun
Takustrasse 7
D-14195 Berlin
e-mail: neun@zib.de
preferrably via e-mail and feel free to give suggestions or to ask questions.

If sufficiently many groups show an interest in this event by August 31, 1997, the ICM98 Organizing Committee will go ahead with the planning.

More information about ICM98 can be found in the ICM98 web server. This web server also offers an electronic preregistration form.

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