13th GAMM - IMACS International Symposium on Scientific Computing,
Computer Arithmetic, and Verified Numerical Computations SCAN'2008
El Paso, Texas, USA
September 29 - October 3, 2008


Plenary talks and Room A - Tomas Rivera Conference Center
Room B - University Suite
Room C - Templeton Suite

Monday, September 29
10:00- 1:15 pm registration

Chair: Vladik Kreinovich
10:30-11:30 am popular lecture on interval computations
   R. Baker Kearfott, "Mainstream Contributions of Interval Computations in
   Engineering and Scientific Computing"
   (open to the general public)

 1:00- 1:15 pm official opening of the symposium

Chair: R. Baker Kearfott
 1:15- 2:00 pm award-winning plenary talk
    "Rigorous Higher Order Methods,
    The Demon of Darkness and Chaos, and Henon's Brain"
    by Martin Berz and Kyoko Makino
 2:00- 2:45 pm invited plenary talk
    Michel Rueher, "Constraint Programming and Safe Global Optimization"
 2:45- 3:15 pm coffee break

Chair: Juergen Wolff von Gudenberg
 3:15- 4:00 pm "Interval Standards: An Update"
    presentation by R. Baker Kearfott
 4:00- 5:40 pm parallel sessions

   Computer Arithmetic I (Room A)
   Co-chairs: Rene Alt and Gerd Bohlender
    4:00- 4:25 pm Rene Alt, Jean-Luc Lamotte, Svetoslav Markov, "On the
      accuracy of the CELL processor"
    4:25- 4:50 pm Frithjof Blomquist, "Staggered Correction Computations with
      Enhanced Accuracy and Extremely Wide Exponent Range"
    4:50- 5:15 pm Gerd Bohlender and Ulrich W. Kulisch, "Complete Interval
      Arithmetic and its Implementation on the Computer"
    5:15- 5:40 pm Stef Graillat, Jean-Luc Lamotte, Siegfried M. Rump, and
      Svetoslav Markov, "Interval arithmetic on the Cell processor"

   Algorithms for Solving Linear and Almost Linear Problems I (Room B)
   Co-chairs: Shinya Miyajima and Takeshi Ogita
    4:00- 4:25 pm Shinya Miyajima, "Enclosing All Eigenvalues in Generalized
      Eigenvalue Problem"
    4:25- 4:50 pm Takeshi Ogita, "Verified Numerical Computation of Matrix

   Application to Physics (Room B)
   Co-chairs: Shinya Miyajima and Takeshi Ogita
    4:50- 5:15 pm Darrell Cheu and Luc Longpre, "Possibility of
      Objective Interval Uncertainty in Physics: Analysis"

 6:00- 7:30 pm reception

Tuesday, September 30
 8:30- 1:00 pm registration desk open

Chair: Siegfried Rump
 9:00- 9:45 am invited plenary talk
   Shin'ichi Oishi, "Accurate and Fast Sum Of Floating Point Numbers and
   Applications to Verification Algorithms"
 9:45-10:30 am invited plenary talk
   Frederic Goualard, "Interval Multivalued Inverse Functions: Algorithms and

10:30-11:00 am coffee break
11:00-12:15 pm parallel sessions

   Fuzzy And Soft Constraints (Room A)
   Co-chairs: TBD
   11:00-11:25 am Moa Belaid, "A Unified Interval Constraint Framework for
      Crisp, Soft, and Parametric Constraints"
   11:25-11:50 am Moa Belaid, "Box Satisfaction and Unsatisfaction for Solving
      Interval Constraint Systems"
   11:50-12:15 pm G.P. Dimuro, R.H.S. Reiser, B.C. Bedregal, and R.H.N. Santiago,
      "Analyzing the Relations between Interval-valued
      D-Implications, QL-Implications and Automorphisms"

   Applications to PDEs (Room B)
   Co-chairs: K. Nagatou and M. T. Nakao
   11:00-11:25 am Kouji Hashimoto and Mitsuhiro T. Nakao, "Constructive a priori
      and a posteriori error estimates for bi-harmonic problems"
   11:25-11:50 am T. Kinoshita, Y. Kimura, K. Tomura, and M. T. Nakao,
      "Numerical verification of solutions for boundary value problems with
      high accuracy by using spectral method"
   11:50-12:15 pm K. Nagatou, Y. Watanabe, S. Yamamoto, and T. Kinoshita,
      "Validated computations for elliptic systems of FitzHugh-Nagumo type"

   Applications to Geosciences (Room C)
   Co-chairs: Vladik Kreinovich and Christian Servin
   11:00-11:25 am Roumen Anguelov, Vladik Kreinovich, Matt Averill, and
      Irina Perfilieva, "From gauging accuracy of quantity estimates to gauging
      accuracy and resolution of field measurements: geophysical case study"
   11:25-11:50 am Paulo Pinheiro da Silva and Vladik Kreinovich, "Uncertainty
      processing in cyberinsfrastructure, with applications to geosciences and to
      environmental science"
   11:50-12:15 pm Christian Servin, Omar Ochoa, and Aaron A. Velasco,
      "Probabilistic and Interval Uncertainty of the Results of Data Fusion, with
      Application to Geosciences"

12:15- 1:30 pm lunch
12:45- 1:30 pm lunch discussion on interval standards
 1:30- 3:10 pm parallel sessions

   Applications to Civil Engineering (Room A)
   Co-chairs: Rafi L. Muhanna and Robert L. Mullen
    1:30- 1:55 pm Robert L. Mullen, Rafi L. Muhanna, Mehdi Modares, "Exact Hull
      of Linear Interval Equations with Matricies Arising from Engineering
    1:55- 2:20 pm M. V. Rama Rao, Andrzej Pownuk, David Moens, "Stress analysis
      of a doubly reinforced concrete beam with uncertain structural parameters"
    2:20- 2:45 pm M. V. Rama Rao, Andrzej Pownuk, Rafi L Muhanna,
      "Modeling of failure surface of a reinforced concrete slab with fuzzy
      loading - an interval approach"
    2:45- 3:10 pm Andrzej Pownuk and Naveen Kumar Goud Ramunigari, "Application of
      order-preserving functions to the modelling of computational mechanics
      problems with uncertainty"

   Applications to Ordinary Differential Equations (Room B)
   Co-chairs: Markus Neher and Andreas Rauh
    1:30- 1:55 pm Mukund Y. Gokhale and Moosa Ebadi, "Solving ODEs via New
      Implicit Methods and Jacobian Free Newton-Krylov Solver"
    1:55- 2:20 pm Dmitry Nadezhin, "A Differential Inequalities method for
      Verified Solution of IVPs for ODEs using Linear Programming for the Search
      of Tight Bounds"
    2:20- 2:45 pm Markus Neher, Ken Jackson, and Ned Nedialkov, "On the Blunting
      Method in Verified Integration of ODEs"
    2:45- 3:10 pm Andreas Rauh and Ekaterina Auer, "Validated Simulation of
      ODEs and DAEs in ValEncIA-IVP"

   Optimization (Room C)
   Co-chairs: Boglarka G.-Toth and Maarten van Emden
    1:30- 1:55 pm Tibor Csendes, Laszlo Pal, Mihaly Csaba Markot, "A global
      optimization algorithm for Intlab"
    1:55- 2:20 pm Maarten van Emden, "Constraint-Driven Global Optimization"
    2:20- 2:45 pm Julie Roy and R. Baker Kearfott, "Global Optimization and
       Ill-Posed Nonlinear Programs: New Techniques"
    2:45- 3:10 pm Boglarka G.-Toth, Jose Fernandez, L.G. Casado, "Comparison
      of pruning tests for interval B&B global optimization methods"

 3:10- 3:40 pm coffee break
 3:40- 5:20 pm parallel sessions (4 talks)

   Computer Arithmetic I (Room A)
   Co-chairs: William Edmonson and Ruud van der Pas
    3:40- 4:05 pm Sandeep Hattangady, William Edmonson, and Winser Alexander,
      "Block Floating Point Interval ALU for Digital Signal Processing"
    4:05- 4:30 pm Katsuhisa Ozaki, Takeshi Ogita, Siegfried M. Rump, and
      Shin'ichi Oishi, "Tight inclusion of matrix multiplication and its
      portable implementation"
    4:30- 4:55 pm Siegfried M. Rump, "Interval arithmetic without changing the
      rounding mode"
    4:55- 5:20 pm Ruud van der Pas, "Using OpenMP To Parallelize Interval

   Solving Nonlinear Equations and Systems of Equations I (Room B)
   Co-chairs: Bartlomiej Jacek Kubica and Stef Graillat
    3:40- 4:05 pm Stef Graillat, "Accurate simple zeros of polynomials"
    4:05- 4:30 pm Bartlomiej Jacek Kubica, "Interval methods for solving
      underdetermined nonlinear equations systems"
    4:30- 4:55 pm P. S. V. Nataraj and M. Arounassalame, "An Interval Newton
      Method based on the Bernstein Form for Bounding the Zeros of Polynomial
    4:55- 5:20 pm Kiyotaka Yamamura, Naoya Tamura, Koki Suda, "LP Narrowing: A
      New Strategy for Finding All Solutions of Nonlinear Equations"

   Applications to Decision Making and Finance (Room C)
   Co-chairs: Martine Ceberio and Heidi A. Taboada
    3:40- 4:05 pm Olga Kosheleva and Francois Modave, "Asymmetric (Libertarian)
      Paternalism: Explanation Based on Decisions Under Interval Uncertainty, and
      Possible Applications to Education"
    4:05- 4:30 pm Tanja Magoc, Martine Ceberio, and Francois Modave, "Using
      Preference Constraints to Solve Multi-criteria Decision Making Problems"
    4:30- 4:55 pm Tanja Magoc, Martine Ceberio, and Francois Modave,
      "Applications of Constraints and Fuzzy Measures in Finance"
    4:55- 5:20 pm Heidi A. Taboada, "The non-numerical ranking preferences method:
      A method for the post-Pareto analysis of multiple objective problems"

 5:20- 5:30 pm break
 5:30- 7:35 pm parallel sessions

    Applications to Statistics (Room A)
     Co-chairs: Karen Villaverde and Wolfram Luther
     5:30- 5:55 pm Mohammed A. Abutheraa and David Lester, "Machine-Efficient
       Chebyshev Approximation for Standard Statistical Distribution Functions"
     5:55- 6:20 pm Julian Ortiz-Perez, "Interval Computations are Also Useful
       for Statistical Estimates"
     6:20- 6:45 pm Sebastian Kempken, Wolfram Luther, "Interval-based Analysis
       of Large SMP/GI/1 Queues"
     6:45- 7:10 pm Karen Villaverde, "Estimating Variance under Interval
       Uncertainty: Parallel Algorithms"
     7:10- 7:35 pm Gang Xiang, "Estimating Maximal Information Amount under
       Interval Uncertainty"

    Biomedical Applications (Room B)
    Co-chairs: Mark Stadtherr and Martine Ceberio
     5:30- 5:55 pm Ekaterina Auer and Wolfram Luther, "Verification and
       Validation of Two Biomechanical Problems"
     5:55- 6:20 pm Roberto Araiza, "Using Intervals for the Concise Representation
       of Inverted Repeats in RNA"
     6:20- 6:45 pm Joshua A. Enszer and Mark A. Stadtherr, "Verified Solution and
       Propagation of Uncertainty in Physiological Models"
     6:45- 7:10 pm Edgar Padilla, Essau Ramirez, Angel Silva, Cesar Valenzuela,
       and Martine Ceberio, "Gait Analysis using Optimization and Constraint
       Programming Techniques"
     7:10- 7:35 pm Ricardo Ruiz Baier, "A multiresolution scheme for the bidomain
       model in electrocardiology"

   Applications to Dynamical Systems (Room C)
   Co-chairs: Lev Kapitanski
     5:30- 5:55 pm Lev Kapitanski and Sanja Zivanovic, "Dynamics with a Range of
     5:55- 6:20 pm Andreas Rauh, Ekaterina Auer, Mareile Freihold, and
       Eberhard P. Hofer, "Detection and Reduction of Overestimation in
       Guaranteed Simulations of Hamiltonian Systems with Applications in
     6:20- 6:45 pm Andreas Rauh, Johanna Minisini, and Eberhard P. Hofer,
       "Robust and Optimal Control of Uncertain Dynamical Systems with
       State-Dependent Switchings Using Interval Arithmetic"
     7:10- 7:35 pm German Tischler and Juergen Wolff v. Gudenberg, "Solving
       Decidability Problems with Interval Arithmetic"

Wednesday, October 1
 8:30-10:40 am registration desk open
 9:00-10:40 am parallel sessions

    Applications to Computer Science (Room A)
    Co-chairs: Luc Longpre and Teruya Minamoto
     9:00- 9:25 am Neelabh Baijal and Luc Longpre, "Preserving privacy in
       statistical databases by using intervals instead of cell suppression"
     9:25- 9:50 am Eva Dyllong and Wolfram Luther, "Convex Decomposition of
       Interval-Based Octrees"
     9:50-10:15 am Teruya Minamoto, "A Digital Watermarking Method Using Interval
    10:15-10:40 am Rodrigo A. Romero and David H. Williams, "Transaction Modeling
       for Distributed High Performance Computing"

    Applications to Engineering (Room B)
    Co-chairs: Ali Baharev and Laurent-Stephane Didier
     9:00- 9:25 am Ali Baharev, Endre Rev, "Comparing inclusion techniques on
       chemical engineering problems"
     9:25- 9:50 am Marc Daumas, Erik Martin-Dorel, and Annick Truffert, "Formal
       methods for rare failures of long processes"
     9:50-10:15 am Ruey Long Cheu, Gang Xiang, Sanjay Bhupathiraju, and
       Hao Lei, "A Practical Traffic Assignment Modeling Approach with
       Flexible Departure Time Choice and Travel Time Uncertainty"
    10:15-10:40 am Laurent-Stephane Didier, "A statistical method of range
      estimation for embedded applications"

   Integration and Solving Integral Equations (Room C)
   Co-chairs: Chin-Yin Chen and Takeshi Ogita
     9:00- 9:25 am Chin-Yun Chen, "Bivariate Product Cubature Using Peano
       Kernels For Local Error Estimates"
     9:25- 9:50 am Naoya Yamanaka, Takeshi Ogita, Masahide Kashiwagi,
       Nobito Yamamoto, and Shin'ichi Oishi, "Fast Verified Automatic Integration
       using Double Exponential Formula"
     9:50-10:15 am Bart F. Zalewski and Robert L. Mullen, "Enclosure of the
       Solutions to Interval Fredholm Equations of the First and Second Kind"

   Optimization (Room C)
   Chair: Leticia Velazquez
    10:15-10:40 am Miguel Argaez, "A Sequential Quadratic Program for Nonconvex
      Lp-Regularized Metric Problems"

11:10- 5:00 pm Missions tour, with lunch

Thursday, October 2
 8:30- 1:00 pm registration desk open

Chair: Tibor Csendes
 9:00- 9:45 am invited plenary talk
   Rafi Muhanna, "Interval Finite Elements and Uncertainty in Engineering
 9:45-10:30 am invited plenary talk
   Michael Plum, "A Computer-Assisted Band-Gap Proof for 3D Photonic Crystals"

10:30-11:00 am coffee break
11:00-12:15 pm parallel sessions

   Solving Interval Linear Systems (Room A)
   Co-chairs: Guenter Mayer and Sergey Shary
   11:00-11:25 am Goetz Alefeld and Guenter Mayer, "On the interval Cholesky
   11:25-11:50 am Irene A. Sharaya and Sergey P. Shary, "Tolerable Solution Sets
      of Interval Linear Systems with Dependent Data"
   11:50-12:15 pm Michael Zimmer, Mariana Kolberg, and Walter Kraemer,
      "Efficient parallel solvers for large dense systems of linear interval

   Applications to Physics (Room B)
   Co-chairs: Balazs Banhelyi and Yong-Kang Zhu
   11:00-11:25 am Balazs Banhelyi and Laszlo Hatvani, "A computer-assisted
      proof for stable/unstable behaviour of periodic solutions for the forced
      damped pendulum"
   11:50-12:15 pm Yong-Kang Zhu and Wayne B. Hayes, "Fixed-motion shadowing on
      gravitational n-body simulations"

   Range Estimation (Room C)
   Co-chairs: P. S. V. Nataraj and Ljiljana Petkovic
   11:00-11:25 am P. S. V. Nataraj and Shanta Sondur, "The Extrapolated Taylor
   11:25-11:50 am Ljiljana Petkovic and Ivan Petkovic, "Diametrical circular
      form of elementary functions and its applications"
   11:50-12:15 pm Manoj Kumar Ragupathy and Ranga Vemuri, "On the theory
      behind interval and affine splitting with extrapolation"

12:15- 1:30 pm lunch
12:45- 1:30 pm official meeting of the interval standards committee
 1:30- 3:10 pm parallel sessions

   Algorithms for Solving Linear and Almost Linear Problems II (Room A)
   Co-chairs: Walter Kraemer and Philippe Langlois
    1:30- 1:55 pm Walter Kraemer, "Solving large banded systems of linear
      equations with componentwise small error bounds"
    1:55- 2:20 pm Philippe Langlois and Nicolas Louvet, "Accurate solution of
      triangular linear system"
    2:20- 2:45 pm Hong Diep Nguyen and Nathalie Revol, "Solving and Certifying
      the Solution of a Linear System"
    2:45- 3:10 pm Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Nicolas Louvet, Nathalie Revol, and
      Gilles Villard, "Computing Condition Numbers with Automatic Differentiation"

   Solving Nonlinear Equations and Systems of Equations II (Room B)
   Co-chairs:  Miodrag S. Petkovic and Gilles Trombettoni
    1:30- 1:55 pm Ivan Petkovic, "Computational aspects of the implementation
      of disk inversions"
    1:55- 2:20 pm Miodrag S. Petkovic and Dusan M. Milosevic, "Higher order
      methods for the inclusion of multiple zeros of polynomials"
    2:20- 2:45 pm Gilles Trombettoni, Yves Papegay, Gilles Chabert, and
      Odile Pourtallier, "A Box-Consistency Contraction Operator Based on
      Extremal Functions"

   Various Applications (Room B)
   Chair: Vladik Kreinovich
    3:10- 3:35 pm Leticia Velazquez, Carlos Quintero, and Miguel Argaez, "Hybrid
      methods for solving large-scale parameter estimation problems"

   General Aspects of Program Verification (Room C)
   Co-chairs: Juergen Wolff v. Gudenberg
    1:30- 1:55 pm Gabriel Dos Reis, "Exact Numerics in a Categorial Framework"
    1:55- 2:20 pm Eric Goubault and Sylvie Putot, "Inner and outer approximation
      of functionals using generalized affine forms"
    2:20- 2:45 pm Juergen Wolff v. Gudenberg, "Filib++ and the Coming Interval
    2:45- 3:10 pm Salamah Salamah, "From Linear to Branching Time in Software
      Property Specifications"
    3:10- 3:35 pm Maarten van Emden, "Interval Methods for Inverting
      Operations and Solving Equations"

 4:00       pm buses leave for the banquet

Friday, October 3

Chair: Guenter Mayer
 9:00- 9:45 am invited plenary talk
   Sergey Shary, "Nonnegative Interval Linear Equations and Their Solution"
 9:45-10:30 am invited plenary talk
   Scott Ferson, "Verified Computation with Probability Distributions, with
   Applications to Engineering and Superfund Contamination Sites"

10:30-11:00 am coffee break
11:00-12:00 pm closing, discussion of interval standards, general discussion,
  presentation of next SCANs

Post-Conference Workshop on
Constraint Programming and Decision Making CoProD

Friday   October 3, 12:00- 6:00 pm
Saturday October 4, 8:00-12:40 pm