Interval session at World Automation Congress

A special interval session is being organized at the NASA-sponsored Fourth Biannual World Automation Congress WAC'2000, Maui, Hawaii, June 11-16, 2000.

WAC'2000 is a multi-disciplinary, multi-symposia meeting in science, technology, medicine, and finance. It intends to bring together a wide spectrum of professionals from engineering, science, natural sciences, medicine, finance and management. The interval session is a good opportunity to present interval applications related to aerospace, robotics, manufacturing, multi-media, etc., and to present it to a broad audience of practitioners and theoreticians working in these areas.

For details, please contact the organizers Vladik Kreinovich and Scott A. Starks. Just in case, the contact person's mailing address is:

Vladik Kreinovich
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX 79968, USA

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