Dr. Salamah Salamah   UTEP MINERS

Office phone: (915)-747-6671   Email: isalamah@utep.edu

Lab Information

Faculty and students at CyWAR conduct cybersecurity-related research with particular focus on software vulnerabilities. The CyWAR team develop training material to teach techniques for identifying, exposing, and mitigating such software security vulnerabilities. We design, develop, and host hands-on cybersecurity workshops for students and cybersecurity professionals in the El Paso area and beyond.

CyWAR is funded through the Army Research Lab's ARL-South Open-Campus Initiative and is the research arm for ARL's Center for Cyber Analysis & Assessment (CCAA).

CCAA and CyWAR have delivered numerous hands-on workshops to over 1000 individuals in total. Such workshops are delivered for faculty and students at UTEP, New Mexico State University, and the University of Texas at San Antonio. In addition, we hosted our first cybersecurity workshop for professionals in August 2017 and was attended by over 20 individuals representing 15 organizations.

Team Members

  • Dr. Salamah Salamah, CS, UTEP
  • Dr. Jaime Acosta, ARL
  • Dr. Monika Akbar, CS, UTEP
  • David Reyes (PhD. Student)
  • Daniel Cervantes (PhD. Student)
  • Pedro Estrada (MSSwE Graduate)
  • Adriana Escobar (MSSwE Student)
  • Kimberly Kato (MSSwE Student)
  • Christian Murga (MSSwE Student)
  • Kristian Villanueva (MSSwE Student)
  • Alberto Morales (MSSwE Student)
  • Max Morales (MSSwE Student)
  • Nadezda Karichev (MSSwE Student)
  • Damian Najera (MSSwE Student)
  • Thomas George (MSSwE Student)
  • Josh Dagda (MSSwE Student)
  • Victor Tantillo (BSCS Graduate)
  • Xochitl J Oliveros (BSCS Student)
  • Jessica Redekop (BSCS Student)

Acosta, J., Salamah, S., Padilla, E., Akbar, M., and Fielder, A., "A Collaboration Pipeline for Cybersecurity Research, Analytics, and Tools," in Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) Journal, 2018.

Acosta, J., McKee, J., Fiedler, A., and Salamah, S. “A Platform for Evaluator-Centric Cybersecurity Training and Data Acquisition” in the Proceedings of the 2017 Milcom Conference, Baltimore, MD, Oct 2017.

Acosta, J, and Salamah, S. “An Analysis Platform for Execution-based Model Generation” in Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE), Orlando, FL, Jan 2016.

Tool Development

Link to UTEP/ARL Tool Development Products.