A Connectionist Language Generator

book cover Nigel Ward

Ablex, 1994.

ISBN 0-89391-974-8 (hardcover)
ISBN 1-56750-038-2 (softcover)


  1. Introduction
  2. Design Issues
  3. Lexical Knowledge and Word Choice
  4. Syntactic Knowledge and Its Use
  5. Representing and Using Relational Information
  6. FIG's Grammars
  7. Details of FIG
  8. Miscellany Regarding Connectionism
  9. Human Language Production
  10. A Model for Natural Translation
  11. In Conclusion

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``However one feels about connectionism, one will find much to think about in this book. It nominally describes a language generator named FIG (flexible incremental generator), but in doing so it also discusses such topics as "why previous research has missed the point,", "problems with case grammars," and "artificial intelligence as an experimental science." These and other topics discussed should interest anyone studying natural language generation in particular or natural language processing in general.'' --- D. L. Chester in Computing Reviews

``Although structured connectionist models are not the current fashion in artificial-neural-network circles, it would be a disservice to Ward's work to dismiss it on this basis. Even the strongest partisan of distributed representations, or neural network haters for that matter, will find Ward's work thought-provoking. He questions many of the assumptions that we take for granted in our natural language processing work, and even if our own preferences are different from Ward's, we can benefit from his fresh perspective.'' --- George Berg in Computational Linguistics

``the first attempt to design a connectionist generator which integrates interdependent lexical, syntactic, and semantic sources; which processes simultaneously and in parallel different sources of knowledge; which does not build structures; and which incorporates feedback mechanisms during output'' --- John Hutchins in MT News International

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