Compilers and Interpreters: Assignment P

January 15, 2004

Portability Considerations

Imagine you manage a small team of programmers for a contract software house which has been invited to bid on several projects.

  1. Porting Mortal Kombat from the Xbox to the PlayStation 2.
  2. Porting a 2000 line payroll package, in Cobol and currently running on an IBM 370, to run under Linux on a Pentium.
  3. Porting a web-browser minesweeper game, consisting of 800 lines of Javascript, to run on a PalmOS PDA.
  4. Porting a 4000 line program for simulating airflow over a racing car from FORTRAN on a Sparc to C on a Pentium running Windows.
  5. ... to Fortran on a HP Alpha
  6. ... to Fortran on a high performance vector computer.
  7. Porting a 20,000 line word processor from C on a MacIntosh to C# on Windows.
  8. Porting a 8000 line torpedo guidance system written in ADA from an AN/UYK-44 to a Nintendo GameCube processor.
  9. Porting an 30,000 line e-commerce package for developing on-line stores from C# on Microsoft software to Perl/PHP/Apache on Linux.

A. Which of these seems the hardest? why?

B. Which of these seems the easiest? why?

C. For any three of these projects, describe

Write a 1 or 2 page report covering A, B, and C.

Also come prepared to give a 3 minute presentation to the class on one of your part C answers.

Estimated Time to Completion: 1-2 hours

Due next Tuesday at 3:01 pm.