USC-UTEP Workshop on Predictive Models of
Human Communication Dynamics

Demos and Posters

Wednesday Demos

Interpretation of Partial Utterances in Virtual Human Dialogue Systems. Kenji Sagae, David DeVault and David Traum

Gracie: Achieving Rapport with Turn-by-Turn, User-Responsive Emotional Coloring. Jaime C. Acosta, UTEP (presented by Gary Beverungen)

Predicto: Dialog Prediction for a General Model of Turn-Taking. Alejandro Vega, Olac Fuentes, UTEP

Aizula: A Backchanneling System circa 1995. Nigel Ward, UTEP

Podspotter: A browser for conversations based on detection of the audience's reactions. Tatsuya Kawahara, Kyoto

3-D Display. Paul Debevec, USC.

Wednesday Posters

Estimating the Potential of Signal and Interlocutor-Track Information for Language Modeling. Benjamin H. Walker, UTEP

Using Prosodic and Temporal Features in a Language Model for Dialog. Alejandro Vega, UTEP

Latent Mixture of Discriminative Experts for Multimodal Prediction Modeling. Derya Ozkan, USC.

Evaluating the Predictive Model Learned from Parasocial Consensus Sampling: A Study of Backchannel Prediction. Lixing Huang, USC.

Space: A Social Frontier. Ross Mead, USC.

Non-Cooperative Features in Political Interviews: Towards a Computational Model of Conflict in Dialogue. Brian Pluss, Open University.

Recognizing Episodes of Agreement and Disagreement Based on Nonverbal Features. Konstantinos Bousmalis, USC.

Learning Models of Speaker Head Nods using Gesture Corpora, Jina Lee, USC.

A new multimodal dyadic interaction database: analysis of approach and avoidance behavior. Viktor Rozgic, USC.

Computational modeling of dyadic multimodal interactions. Chi-Chun Lee, USC.

Thursday Demos


Sergeant Star

Virtual Twins

Light Stage 6