USC-UTEP Workshop on Predictive Models of
Human Communication Dynamics


August 3rd   most participants arrive
August 4th
8:00 registration and breakfast
8:30-9:10 Welcome and Overview: Morency/Ward
9:10-10:45 Herb Clark, Justine Cassell, Liz Shriberg, Discussion
11:05-12:40 Tatsuya Kawahara, Daniel Gatica-Perez, Sandy Pentland, Discussion
1:40-3:15 John Heritage, Ellen Bard, Jan de Ruiter, Discussion
3:30-5:05 Antoine Raux, Candy Sidner, Nigel Ward and Olac Fuentes, Discussion
5:15-6:45 Posters and Demos
August 5th
8:15 breakfast
8:45-10:20 Maja Pantic, Jon Gratch and Stacy Marsella, Jeff Cohn, Discussion
10:30-11:50 Break Outs
12:50-12:20 Reports
1:20-2:55 Dan Bohus and Eric Horvitz, Tetsunori Kobayashi, David Traum, Discussion
3:10-4:45 Alessandro Vinciarelli, Jeff Bilmes, Louis-Philippe Morency, Discussion
4:45 shuttle bus
5:15 Demos (McConnell Site)
7:15 dinner cruise
August 6th
8:30 breakfast
9:00-10:20 Break Outs
10:20-10:50 Reports
11:10-12:30 Directions and Planning
Notes   In each Presentation & Disscussion session, each talk will be will 20 minutes and followed by 5 minutes of questions, with 20 minutes of general discussion at the end.
Ideas for Break Out session topics will be solicited during dinner on Wednesday. Possibilities include the Issues of Interest at the bottom of the Motivations page, and also the joint analysis of any contributed audio or video human-interaction data. Break-out groups will be limited to about eight people each. Popular topics may be addressed by more than one group, either in parallel or during the second break-out slot. Each group will pick a scribe, who will present a two-minute summary of the group's conclusions when we reassemble.
In preparation for the Directions and Planning session, participants' Thursday night "homework" will be to write down their views of: the three most important research questions in this area, the three greatest obstacles currently limiting progress, and three joint projects or activities that would energize future work in this area.