Sound Component: creaky voice

Example 10 (hc1@43)

discussing who is likely to be at the party
Hand, um, and that other guy, K, majoring in Psychology.
C yeah(creaky). (two second pause) yeah, they're so fun.
H(pause) That's cool
C yeah

whole context: part 1, part 2

Example 11 (cr0@6)

talking at a conference, resuming after an interruption
R let's see, so we were talking about what my favorite
X yeah
R talks were. Um , actually right now I'm sort of interested in what this U-tree algorithm is, because
X yeah
R I've done a, um(creaky) , a search, or, a literature search a while back on, on reinforcement learning and . . .

Example 12 (tn17@23)

T is driving, O is navigating
Tshall I just go in here and turn around, n (and)
O yyyeah.   Yeah (creaky) , that might be best

Example 13 (hc5@22)

discussing whether it would be fun to go to the beach
HI want it to be sunny
C I know, this weather is no good
HNo, it makes me like groggy, kind of, you know what I mean, like
C like you want to stay in bed and
Hyeah (slightly creaky)
C just like watch a movie or something
Hand like not really do anything
C yeah (very creaky) I know. I'm trying to fight it (laughs)
whole context

Example 14 (vf1@45)

regarding trills in German
Abut I think my mother does the, ah, the uvular one all the time . . .
J . . . your Mom's from North?
A umum , no, she's from ah Wiesbaden, which is uh
J don't know
Ain the central west;
J mm
Ait's right near Frankfurt, west of Frankfurt;
J center, north, west, yeah (creaky) okay
Aand ah , or she's from that area, she's actually from a small town . . .