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This table shows the raw data used by the Acceptance Estimator for Computer Science Graduate Admissions. For a display customized to include only schools likely to accept you, input your information on the data entry page.

This list consists of departments which 1) are academic members of the Computing Research Association (list), and 2) publish useful graduate admissions information on the web. Please note that selectivity does not correlate well with quality; indeed, we hope that providing this information will help you find good schools that are unexpectedly easy to get in.

Department Published Admissions Information
Arizona State University - CSEOrdinarily, an applicant for the Master's program is expected to have a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.2 out of 4.0 scale. GRE general 500 verbal, 760 quantitative, and 4.0 in analytical writing (source)
Auburn University - CSSEacademic indicators: GPA > 3.0; GRE general exam combined score (V+Q) > 300, with a verbal score of at least 150, a quantitative score of at least 150, and a written score of at least 3; Toefl > 79, with a minimum of 16 on each of four component parts; IELTS > 6.5 (source)
Brigham Young University - CS2012 - general GRE exam (nominal minium expectation: Quantitative 70th percentile, Verbal 60th percentile, and Analytical 4.0 (source)
Case Western Reserve University - EECSThere is no set minimum score required by our department... However, guidelines for scoring are as follows: Verbal 520+, Quantitative 740+, and Analytical 3.5+. (source)
Clemson University - CESAverage scores of the two objective sections (verbal and quantitative) of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for students enrolled in the Computer Science M.S. and Ph.D. programs at Clemson are above 150 and 155, respectively. (source)
College of William and Mary - CSaverage scores ... verbal 153, quantitative 162, analytical writing 3.1, GPA (BS/MS) 3.20/3.38; minimum GPA of 3.00 (source)
Columbia University - CSthe average GRE scores for the entering class of Fall 2014 were Verbal: 159, Quantitative: 166, and Analytical: 4.3 (source)
Florida Atlantic University - CSEAs a minimum ... at least 3.0 ... GPA ... a combined score of 295 or higher on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE (source)
Florida State University - CSuniversity requireiment ... 145 verbal and 150 quantitative (source)
Georgia Institute of Technology - CCGPA 3.0; Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required. at least 153 in the Verbal, 155 in the Quantitative, and 3.0 in the Analytical sections for the MS program. (source)
Illinois Institute of Technology - CSminimum overall GPA of 3.0. GRE score 298 (Quantitative + Verbal) and 3.0 (Analytical Writing) (source)
Johns Hopkins University - CS Preferred scores are Verbal: 153 (62%) or above, Quantitative: 160 (84%) or above (source)
Kansas State University - CISMinimum GRE score requirements (M.S. and Ph.D. applicants) 146 Verbal, 151 Quantitative, 4.5 Analytical Writing (3.5 for non-native English speaking students) (source)
Lehigh University - CSEWe prefer students with at least a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, in their major and overall. New Format-75%. Old format-1200 combined Q&V,3.5/6.0 AW (source)
Louisiana State UniversityAcceptable GRE scores of 300 total with at least 150 on the quantitative portion. (source)
Memorial University of NewfoundlandGRE recommended, marks over 75%. (source)
Michigan State University - CSEThe median GRE scores for recently admitted graduate students are 164 quantitative, 153 verbal, and 3.0 analytical writing (source)
Michigan Technological University - CSMinimum scores of 75% quantitative, 75% analytical and 50% verbal are required (source)
Missouri University of Science & TechnologyMinimum Requirements for Admission: A minimum GRE verbal score of 370 - New system 144 effective November 2011. A minimum GRE Quantitative >= 700 - New system 155 effective November 2011. And GRE Verbal + Quantitative >= 302. A minimum GRE AWA score >=4.0. ... (source)
Montana State UniversityTypical minimum GRE scores for admission are Verbal 150, Quantitative 151, analytical Writing 3.5 (source)
National University of Singapore Most successful candidates have a minimum GRE score of 320 (verbal & quantitative) and 3.5 (analytical) (source)
New York University - CSTypical acceptable scores are near 160 for the quantitative section or 4.0 or better on the new Analytical Writing section. (source)
North Carolina State University - CS The average GRE scores of international applicants recently admitted ... Verbal Reasoning 75%, Quantitative Reasoning 90%, and Analytical Writing 34% ... US applicants ... 72%, 78%, 53% (source)
Northwestern University - CSTypically, all the admitted applicants have GRE-Q scores higher than 760 (160 in the newer scale); GRE-V scores higher than 400 (146 in the newer scale). (source)
Ohio State University - CSEGPA 3.0+, GRE Quantitative minimum 159, Verbal minimum 155, Analytical minimum 3.0 (source)
Queen's UniversityWe also normally require GRE scores in each area above the 60th percentile. (source)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - CSa quantitative score of at least 160 is recommended. The average GRE scores of admitted applicants for Fall 2014 were Verbal 160, Quantitative 163, and Analytical 4.5. (source)
Temple University - CISGRE scores must be at least the 75th percentile on the quantitative section and at least the 25th percentile on the verbal section are expected. Most students submit scores far above the minimums in each of the Verbal and Quantitative sections. Minimum total score required on the new GRE: 300. (source)
Texas State UniversityGPA >= 2.75. (GRE) ... with a preferred score of 286 and no less than 140 on the verbal section (effective Fall 2015) and 148 on the quantitative section. (source)
Tufts University -CSMedian scores for a group of recent accepted masters and PhD applications (combined) were: GRE verbal: 540, GRE quantitative: 780. (source)
University of Alabama, Birmingham - CIStypical admissions requirements include ... 310 or better on the new GRE (source)
University of Alabama, Huntsville - CSHave a minimum total score of 1500 on the aptitude test (verbal, quantitative, and analytical) portion of the Graduate Record Examination. (For GRE tests taken after October 1, 2002 the score on the analytical portion is obtained by taking the (raw score + 2) x 100.) (source)
University of Alberta - CSSuccessful applicants obtain a minimum score of 155 on the quantitative and 4.0 on the analytical writing section. (source)
University of Arizona - CStypical scores for our admitted applicants on the old GRE General Test were 500 verbal, 760 quantitative, and 4.0 in analytical writing (source)
University of Arkansas - CSCEwe usually don't admit into our graduate studies program if any of the scores are below the 60th percentile. If the Verbal test score is below the 60th percentile, but the other test scores are above that mark, then we might ... (source)
University of Calgaryminimum 3.3 GPA ... GRE General scores of at least 600 verbal and 750 quantitative and either 720 analytical (old test format) or 5.5 (new test format). (source)
University of California, Davis - CSGRE for Fall 2005 admits ... Averages: Verbal 590, Quantitative 750, Analytical 739, Written Analytical 4.9; GPA 3.6 (source)
University of Chicago - CSThe program does not have minimum GRE requirements, however, successful applicants have earned the following scores in the General GRE test: Verbal: 50th percentile and above; Quantitative: 80th percentile and above (source)
University of Delaware - CISMinimum scores of 153, 155, 4.0 are required for the verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing sections. (source)
University of Florida - CISEthe past year's averages were: 153 verbal, 164 quantitative (source)
University of Houston - CSIn general, the department expects a GRE (verbal + quantitative) 305... (source)
University of Idaho - CSnormally a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and a Graduate Record Examination general (aptitude) score in the 60th percentile are the minimum admission requirements (source)
University of Illinois, Chicago - CSAverage score our previous admitted applicants: Total 308 (153+ verbal, 155+ quantitative and 4.0/6.0 analytical) (source)
University of Iowa - CS GRE General test scores of MCS students admitted in Fall 2016 averaged 156 Verbal, 164 Quantitative and 4.0 Analytic Writing. (source)
University of Kansas - EECSGRE: 146+ verbal, 155+ quantitative (mean GRE: 152 verbal, 163 quantitative). (source)
University of Maine - CSGRE - Verbal 60% or higher, Quantitative 90% or higher; Successful applicants will usually have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale). (source)
University of Maryland - CSThe average score for the General GRE is: Verbal - 158, Quantitative - 163, and Analytical - 5.0. (source)
University of Massachusetts, Amherst - CSAverage test scores of students who have been accepted are: Verbal: 84th percentile, Quantitative: 93rd percentile, Analytical Writing Measure score: 4.00 (source)
University of Michigan - CSEGRE scores of at least 70% verbal, 90% quantative, and 40% analytical writing (source)
University of Missouri, Columbia - CSacceptable scores ... 25% verbal; 80% quantitative; 4.0 writing (source)
University of Nebraska, LincolnApplicants must have ... GRE General Test scores of: Quantitative: 155 or higher, Verbal: 153 or higher, and Analytical: 3.5 or higher. (source)
University of Nevada, Reno - CSEA minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00, Combined GRE verbal and quantitative score of at least 297. Students who score below 155 in the quantitative section will find it difficult to complete our graduate program. (source)
University of New Brunswick - CSnormally want a minimum score of 600 for the Quantitative Section and a minimum score of 3.5 for the Analytical Writing Section (source)
University of New Mexico - CSmethod: min3-soft (source)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - CSrecommended: a minimum of 80th percentile on the verbal section, 90th percentile on the quantitative section, and 90th percentile on the analytical section or a minimum of 5 on the analytical writing section. In recent years, most entering students have averaged in the 90th percentile or higher on each of the three sections. (source)
University of North Texas - CSTypical Scores for Successful Applicants: Master's Applicants Verbal - 148 - 36%, Quantitative - 155 - 61%, Analytical - 3.5 ... (source)
University of Notre Dame - CSEWe generally look for GRE scores in the 80th percentile or higher (source)
University of Oregon - CSVerbal - 153/170, Quantitative - 151/166, Analytical - 4.5/6.0 (source)
University of Pennsylvania - CISFall 2016 CIS/MSE adminsions statistics ... Average GRE: V 158/Q 167/ AW 4 (source)
University of South Carolina - CSEFor the M.S. and M.E. programs, GRE Quantitative scores of 160 or higher and GRE Verbal scores of 145 or higher. (source)
University of South Florida - CSEThe median GRE scores of recently admitted students include 770 on the Quantitative portion and a Verbal Total of 450.For GRE tests taken after August 1, we require a minimum of 161 on the Quantitative portion (81 percentile) and a minimum of 150 (44 percentile) on the Verbal ... GPA B or equivalent (source)
University of Texas, Arlington - CSEA sum of verbal and quantitative GRE scores of at least 300 for MS and 310 for Ph.D. applicants. GRE quantitative score - 155 (MS); 160 (PhD). GRE verbal score - 145 (MS); 150 (PhD) (source)
University of Texas, Dallas - CSMinimum GPA of 3.0 (last 60 semester credit hours). GPA in quantitative courses of at least 3.3. GRE revised scores of 308, 153, 155 and 4 for the combined, verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing components, respectively, are advisable. (source)
University of Virginia - CSaverage scores of successful applicants: Verbal 156, Quantitative 160, Analytical Writing: 3.5 (source)
University of Wyoming - CSGRE scores are required with minimums of 40th percentile for the verbal score and 65th percentile for the quantitative score. (source)
Wright State University - CS at least a combined GRE score of 298 (we recommend this if you are going to apply for graduate assistantships) (source)
Yale University - CSMost students we admit are above the 90th percentile in quantitative, analytical and verbal scores. (source)

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