The Interdisciplinary Workshop on Feedback Behaviors in Dialog was held September 7-8, 2012, at Skamania Lodge, as an Interspeech 2012 satellite event, sponsored by ISCA and supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Award IIS-0914868.

Feedback skills are important for people (or machines) wishing to be able to function as supportive, cooperative listeners. The production and comprehension of back-channels and related phenomena, including response tokens, reactive tokens, minimal responses, continuers and acknowledgments, are also of scientific interest, as possibly the most accessible example of the real-time responsiveness that underpins many successful interpersonal interactions. This workshop provided a venue for diverse examinations of these phenomena.

Related workshops include The ICT Workshop on Overlap in Human-Computer Dialogue in Los Angeles in 2011, The Workshop on Modeling Human Communication Dynamics, at NIPS 2010, The USC-UTEP Workshop on Predictive Models of Human Communication Dynamics in Los Angeles in 2010, and The Prosody of Turn-Taking and Dialog Acts special session at Interspeech 2006.