Invited Talks

  • When do we say 'Mhmm'? Backchannel feedback in dialogue. Julia Hirschberg. PDF
  • Machines don't listen (But neither do people). Graham Bodie. PDF


  • Feedback in adaptive interactive storytelling. Timo Baumann. PDF
  • Beyond back-channels: A three-step model of grounding in face-to-face dialogue. Janet Beavin Bavelas, Peter De Jong, Harry Korman, Sara Smock Jordan. PDF
  • Adapting language production to listener feedback behaviour. Hendrik Buschmeier, Stefan Kopp. PDF
  • Effect of linguistic contents on human estimation of internal state of dialog system users. Yuya Chiba, Masashi Ito, Akinori Ito. PDF
  • A survey on evaluation metrics for backchannel prediction models. Iwan de Kok, Dirk Heylen. PDF
  • Third party observer gaze during backchannels. Jens Edlund, Mattais Heldner, Anna Hjalmarsson. PDF
  • Feedback and activity in dialogue: signals or symptoms? Andres Gargett. PDF
  • Listener's responses during storytelling in French conversation. Mathilde Guardiola, Roxane Bertrand, Robert Espesser, Stephane Rauzy. PDF
  • Crowdsourcing backchannel feedback: Understanding the individual variability from the crowds. Lixing Huang, Jonathan Gratch. PDF
  • Can we predict who in the audience will ask what kind of questions with their feedback behaviors in poster conversation? Tatsuya Kawahara, Takuma Iwatate, Takanori Tsuchiya, Katsuya Takanashi. PDF
  • Evaluating a minimally invasive laboratory architecture for recording multimodal conversational data. Spyros Kousidis, Thies Pfeiffer, Zofia Malisz, Petra Wagner, David Schlangen. PDF
  • The temporal relationship between feedback and pauses: a pilot study. Kristina Lundholm Fors. PDF
  • Cues to perceived functions of acted and spontaneous feedback expressions. Daniel Neiberg, Joakim Gustafson. PDF
  • Exploring the implications for feedback of a neurocognitive theory of overlapped speech. Daniel Neiberg, Joakim Gustafson. PDF
  • Paralinguistic behaviors in dialog as a continuous process. David Novick. PDF
  • Empathy and feedback in conversations about felt experience. Nicola Plant, Pat Healey. PDF
  • CoFee - Toward a multidimensional analysis of conversational feedback, the case of French language. Laurent Prevot, Roxane Bertrand. PDF
  • Investigating the influence of pause fillers for automatic backchannel prediction. Stefan Scherer, Derya Ozkan, Louis-Philippe Morency. PDF
  • A testbed for examining the timing of feedback using a Map Task. Gabriel Skantze. PDF
  • Clarification questions with feedback. Svetlana Stoyanchev, Alex Liu, Julia Hirschberg. PDF
  • Acoustic, morphological, and functional aspects of "yeah/ja" in Dutch, English and German. Jurgen Trouvain, Khiet P. Truong. PDF
  • Possible lexical cues for backchannel responses. Nigel G. Ward. PDF
  • Visualizations supporting the discovery of prosodic contours related to turn-taking. Nigel G. Ward, Joshua L. McCartney. PDF
  • Where in dialog space does uh-huh occur? Nigel G. Ward, David G. Novick, Alejandro Vega. PDF
  • Listener head gestures and verbal feedback expressions in a distraction task. Marcin Wlodarczak, Hendrik Buschmeier, Zofia Malisz, Stefan Kopp, Petra Wagner. PDF

Full Proceedings (108 pages, 7 MB)