2006 October Faculty Senate IT Committee Meeting Notes

Thank you to Maria Barrazas for these notes.

Attendees: Brian Giza (Education), Virgilio Gonzalez (Engineering), Susan Leech (Health Science), Marian Manciu (Physics), Paulo Pinheiro da Silva (Engineering), Jeff Sheperd (Liberal Arts), Jack Vaughn (Business) in representation of Eddie Wei, Ken Pierce, Maria Barraza-Rios.

Helen Foster (Liberal Arts) was unable to attend.

Officers were elected

Chair - Brian Giza

Vice-Chair - Virgilio Gonzalez

Secretary - Mary Duffy was nominated, pending her acceptance. Position is open until next meeting.

The next meeting times are

November 2, 12 to 1pm in EDUC 411.

December 14, 12 to 1pm, location TBA.

Minutes of faculty Senate will be kept in MySpace, in a public location to be set up by IT.

Concerns raised in this meeting to be included in future agendas:

  • Future plans for university use of technologies not currently supported (i.e. wiki, open source in general). What direction should the university take?

  • Web page guidelines. Some guidelines are working against the university (web sites not showing in Google, for example.)

  • Technologies to explore: Desktop Video Conferencing, Podcast.

  • User interface problems and communication of technologies available (purchase of parking permits, full mail inboxes.) Probably a constant agenda item.

  • Lack of support for technology-related projects.

  • Inadequate funding for IT implementation and infrastructure.

To Do/Future Initiatives

  • Ken will provide more information on MailMine. Members of the Committee would help share that information with other faculty.

  • IT to provide more information on upcoming technology developments (modular messaging, SIP, LiveMail for student accounts.

  • Supporting testing environments of new technology throughout the university.

  • Share support across departments; possibly a central repository of names and areas of expertise that anybody can access.