CS 4317: Human-Computer Interaction: Videos etc.

(organized by syllabus topic)

1.2 Historical Perspective


Nuclear Reactor Control Room

NLS Demo, Engelbart, 1968.

iOS History

2.0, 2.2, 5.0 Human Cognition

What Optical Illusions show us about Visual Perception

Jeff Johnson Overview Video

2.3 Perception, Layouts, and Design

Eye Tracking

Saul Greenberg on Graphical Design

7 Software Interfaces

2.4 Displays, Paper, and other Output Devices

Ambx video etc., Phillips (start video a third of the way in, do 20 seconds), Ambx Kit Review

The Ambient Orb, Ambient Devices (manufacturer)

Pancake Bot

Ammassalik wooden maps, also at Wikipedia


2.5 Information Visualization

Some classic static displays: Phylogenetic trees, Minard's Carte Figurative, Aeronautical Charts, various graphics ... A Tour through the Visualization Zoo

Temporal information: Google Finance, How People Like You Spend Their Time

Geographical Information: New York Times Election 2016: interative maps

Frequencies and Trends: Baby Name Voyager, Map of the Market

Multipane presentation (Keshif.me): foodborne outbreaks, Kobe Bryant's shots

... and for just a little information: the Ambient Orb

3.1 Input Devices and Ergonomics

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Intro video

My PC: the Microsoft Mouse, Paul Bradley in Moggridge's Designing Interactions

The First Mouse, Doug Engelbart

Multitouch Gesture Inventories: Fingerworks, Apple

Some Interesting Older Work:

3.2 Augmented Reality and Ubiquitious Computing

Some Interesting Older Work:

4.0 Time

The Model Human Processor

The learning curve

find the critical path

the cost of longer glance times while driving

Faster progress bars: manipulating perceived duration with visual augmentations. Harrison et al., CHI 2010.

Human Factors: Memory (warning: pop psychology)

5.0 Higher Cognition and Interaction Styles

Bumptop, an example of metaphor in design

Don Norman on Design and Emotion

Mads Soegaard's examples of Interaction Styles

Affordance++: Allowing objects to communicate dynamic use

Beyond Simple Screen Design, by Saul Greenberg, especially the sections on Metaphors and Direct Manipulation, pages 33-43.

5.6 Anthroporphic Interfaces

Some Classic Systems:

6.3 Observing Users

The science of fun. Bolt and Tulathimutte, CHI 2009. (under the "Source Materials" tab)

comic at Bug Bash

7.0 Usability Methods

Palm Beach 2000 Ballot

The Important Field

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Usability Heuristics, by Saul Greenberg

Allocation of Functions Assignment

8.0 Prototyping

Comm.unity: leveraging social and physical proximity. Aharony et al., CHI 2009.

Adaptive User Interfaces with Force Feedback. Ramstein et al., CHI 1996, at the Open Video Project. (Wizard-of-Oz illustrated halfway through)

IDEO Prototyping Example

10. Implementation

Design a Widget (Finite State Machines in Javascript), by Edward Pring: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Derek Banas Tutorials: HTML, CSS, Javascript

James Dempsey's MVC Song, lyrics

Some Sliders and some Skins

11. Web Design

A Beginners Guide to Wireframing

13. Groupwear

Classic Case Studies and Design Exercises



Elevator Button Story


Carroll's conception of the HCI discipline

Retrospective: Human Computer Interaction - brief intro, from the Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction.

Concept Videos

Future According to Intel - CES 2014

from Intel, 2014.

from Microsoft, 2012.

Scott Klemmer's HCI Online Channel

Saul Greenberg's Links to HCI Videos

Videos in User-System Interaction

Shneiderman and Plaisant's User Interface Video Links

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