Importance Variability in Spoken Dialog

This data is a labeling of level of importance as it occurs in 16 dialogs from the Switchboard Corpus.

There are three sets of labels, done largely independently by three labelers. The first was a undergraduate Education major, a native speaker of English, the second was a senior in Computer Science and native speaker of Spanish, and the third was a faculty member and native speaker of English.

Ascribing importance values was largely left to the judgments of the individual labelers, however before starting, they discussed the general notion of importance and looked over the rough Labelers Guide, and early in the process they examined and discussed each other's labels on a few minutes of data.

Each file has a line for each region, and each region has three fields: the importance level (whole numbers from 0 to 5), and the region startpoint and endpoint, both in milliseconds.

Label Set 1

Label Set 2

Label Set 3

This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under projects CNS-0837556 and IIS-0914868.