My Former Students at UTEP

Ph. D.

Shreyas A. Karkhedkar Using Emotion as Inferred from Prosody in Language Modeling. (full text). 2012
Jaime C. Acosta Using Emotion to Gain Rapport in a Spoken Dialog System (abstract, full text). 2009


Gerardo Cervantes Using Prosody to Spot Location Mentions. 2020
Alejandro VegaOn the Selection of Prosodic Features for Language Modeling. (pdf) 2012
Michael Durcholz Adding Within-Utterance Emotion Decay for more Human-like Dialog. 2012
Cyrus Brooks Closest Match Algorithm for Error-Correcting Text Input on a 12-key Keypad. 2011
Rafael Escalante-RuizAppropiate Prosodic Variation is Valued by Users. 2010
Rosario Chavez A Software Tool to Help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Experience Music Visually. 2007
Yaffa Al Bayyari A Prosodic Cue that Invites Back-Channel Responses in Arabic. 2007
Jaime C. Acosta Adding the Ability to Eavesdrop on Opponent Communications to an Online Game. 2007
Tasha Hollingsed Responsive Behavior in Tutorial Spoken Dialogues. 2006
David Ponevac Effects of Line Delay and Noise on Perceptions of Mobile Phone Conversations. 2006
S. Kumar Mamidipally Speaking-Rate Adaptation for Task-Based Spoken Dialog Systems. 2006

Jabel Morales

An Improved Tool For Taking Notes in the Classroom. 2004
David Herrera Using Guided Interaction to Support Learning a Command Language. 2004
Luis Hector Acosta-Reyes Prosodic Features that Cue Back-Channel Responses in Northern Mexican Spanish. 2004


Aaron Alarcon 2019-2021
James Jodoin, 2018-2019
Alonso Granados, 2017-2018
Jason Carlson, 2015-2017
Paola Gallardo, 2014-2015
Chelsey N. Jurado, 2015
Esaul Campos, 2014
Florencia A. Ramos, 2014
Ricky A. Garcia, 2014
Steven D. Werner, 2012-2014
Luis F. Ramirez, 2013
Karen Richart-Ruiz, 2012-2013
Benjamin H. Walker, 2009-2010
Joshua McCartney, 2008-2010
Christopher Cuellar, 2007-2008
Anais G. Rivera, 2005-2007
Jesus A. Alvarez, 2007
Ernesto Medina, 2006-2007
Jorge Alexis Hernandez, 2005-2006
Joaquin A. Aguilar, 2004
Jaime Gamboa, 2003
Koji Endo, 2002

Vistors and Short-Term Participants

Saiful Abu, 2014-2015
Igor Jauk, Spring 2015
Winston Mann, Summer 2013
Mark Costanzo, 2012
Justin McManus, 2011
Gary Beverungen, Summer 2010
Nisha Kiran, Summer 2008
Shreyas Karkhedkar, Summer 2007
Udit Sajjanhar, Summer 2006
Gaurav Garg, Summer 2006
Biswaroop Chatterjee, 2003-2004
Yoshiki Hayashi, 2004
Ryota Miura, 2002-2003

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