Functions of Bookended Narrow-Pitch-Range Regions

Audio Examples:

  1. Providing contrasting information: A1 B1
  2. Complaining A2 B2
  3. Grudging appreciation A3 B3
  4. Complaining, Spanish style A4
  5. Proposing, Spanish style A5
These functions and examples are described in two abstracts:

A. Functions of Short Narrow-Pitch-Range Regions in Native and Non-Native English Dialog. Nigel G. Ward, Paola Gallardo. 11th High Desert Linguistics Society, 2014.

B. Prosodic Constructions for Contrast, Complaint, and Contradiction and their Common Elements. Nigel G. Ward. IPrA Panel on Prosodic Constructions in Dialog, 2015.

and in Chapter 2 of

Prosodic Patterns in English Conversation, and the associated teacher resources

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