Lexical Disambiguation Assignment

  1. Write down the appropriate translation for fight into your native language for each of the following contexts.
    1. ... fight the mites ...
    2. Fight spam on the Internet!
    3. The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards that ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies
    4. An ideal system to model the evolution of drug resistance and design anti-HIV drugs necessary to fight AIDS
    5. Do you support the fight?
    6. (Boxing News 24 hours/day) Your all-in-one source for fight news on-line and FREE!
    7. Are you looking for your favorite college fight song?
    8. I hereby declare the Blogger Snowball Fight 2002 a SMASHING success.
    9. How to Fight So the Other Guy Goes to Jail
    10. When the next fight begins, pause and rewind to before the electrocution.
  2. Write a dictionary entry for fight.
  3. Copy the entry for fight in a published dictionary, and note the differences.
  4. Write a bilingual dictionary entry for fight.
  5. Copy the entry for fight in a published bilingual dictionary, and note the differences.
  6. Sketch out an algorithm, with appropriate data structures, able to correctly disambiguate or translate fight in each of the contexts above. You may assume that someone else has created a 100% reliable algorithm for disambiguating and translating every other word and structure of English.
  7. For each of the contexts below, what result would your algorithm give? Is it right?
    1. They fight crime.
    2. East Bay Youths Fight Violence Together.
    3. He was making noise and offering to fight John McDonald and others in the room where he broke a chair and table.
    4. Businesses on Strip Fight Noise Rules.
    5. ... if they will support Noise if it runs a proxy fight to get control ...
    6. Many parents, tired of turning every meal into a food fight, surrender to the food whims of their children.
    7. Spain, Morocco Fight Over, Have Same IQ As, Rock

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