A Tool For Taking Class Notes

Nigel Ward and Hajime Tatsukawa.

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 59, pp 959-981, 2003.


Students still take lecture notes using pencil and paper --- although digital documents are more legible, easier to search in and easier to edit --- in part because of the lack of software to support note-taking. Lecture notes are characterized by free spatial organization, many small chunks of text, and a dense mix of text and graphic elements. These characteristics imply that a note-taking system should use pen, keyboard, and mouse-or-equivalent; allow the swift entry of text at any desired position; and minimize the need to switch between input tools. A system with these properties was built and used by 10 subjects in a controlled study and by 4 users in their classes. Some users preferred our system to pencil and paper, suggesting that taking lecture-notes with the computer is feasible.

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