Modeling Meaning-Bearing Configurations of Prosodic Features

Special Session at ICPhS 2019, the International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences,
5-9 August 2019, Melbourne, Australia.

Languages have multistream patterns of prosodic features — such as pitch range, pitch-movement timing, segmental lengthening, voicing properties, loudnesss, and harmonicity — that occur in specific temporal configurations and directly convey pragmatic or interactional meanings. Many features of such configurations have been analyzed, but we still lack a good understanding of their exact nature, including phenomena of parameter timing and coupling, trade-offs, and differences among speakers and across languages.

Organizers: Oliver Niebuhr and Nigel Ward

Main Session (14:00-16:10 room 220, Tuesday, 6 August)

discussants: Martine Grice and Nigel Ward

Other Oral Presentations (Tuesday, 12:15 and 12:45, room 217)

Poster Presentations




Background: We organized this special session as a venue for researchers from any perspective to discuss how to discover, characterize and model such prosodic constructions from perspectives of speech production, acoustics, or perception. Papers were evaluated by the standard ICPhS review process. The questions that we posed were: