The Expression of Stance in Spoken Language

Panel at the 16th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA 2019), June 9-14, Hong Kong

Call for Contributions

People often indicate how they view things: as praiseworthy, deplorable, insignificant, intriguing, obvious, factual, worrying, desirable, surprising, and so on. In spoken language, such indications are often subtle and fleeting --- done with a slight prosodic shading, an unobtrusive adverb, or nuanced choice of words --- but often play important roles in achieving larger communicative goals. Stance relates to many well-studied aspects of communication --- affect, valence, sentiment, dialog acts, speech acts, politeness, rhetorical structures and others --- but direct studies of stance have been few and far between.

Aim: We seek to bring together researchers with different perspectives on stance in spoken language, in order to to discuss new findings, approaches, and questions. We take a broad view of stance, including appraisal, evidentiality, sentiment, and so on.

Format: This panel will consist of at least one 90-minute session with 4-5 presentations, with possibly additional sessions depending on the number of abstracts received.

Topics: We welcome abstracts on any topic relating to stance in spoken language, including:

Organizers: Nigel Ward, Douglas Biber, Gina-Anne Levow. We are happy to answer questions.

Submission Procedure: Abstracts are due October 15. Abstracts should be 250 to 500 words, and submitters are encouraged to define their terms and note how their analytical focus relates to other perspectives. Abstracts are to be submitted directly to the conference, following the instructions. Submissions will be evaluated according to the standard IPrA criteria. Abstracts not accepted to this panel will subsequently be evaluated for presentation in a non-panel session.

Links: A related earlier event was the panel on Prosodic Constructions in Dialog at IPrA 2015.