The Expression of Stance in Spoken Language

Panel at the 16th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA 2019), June 9-14, Hong Kong

Friday, June 14, room BC 302, 8:30-3:00

Background and Aims: People often indicate how they view things: as praiseworthy, deplorable, insignificant, intriguing, obvious, factual, worrying, desirable, surprising, and so on. In spoken language, such indications are often subtle and fleeting --- done with a slight prosodic shading, an unobtrusive adverb, or nuanced choice of words --- but often play important roles in achieving larger communicative goals. Stance relates to many well-studied aspects of communication --- affect, valence, sentiment, dialog acts, speech acts, politeness, rhetorical structures and others --- but direct studies of stance have been few and far between. The aim of this panel is to bring together researchers with different perspectives on stance in spoken language, in order to discuss new findings, approaches, and questions.


Organizers: Nigel Ward, Douglas Biber, Gina-Anne Levow. We are happy to answer questions.