Using the Yak-1(.5)

Equipment checklist

Required for operation

Required for recharging

Preparing the peripherals

  1. Plug the HandyMouse into the USB port.
  2. Plug the speaker cable into the headphone-out port.
  3. Plug the VGA adaptor into the video out port.
  4. Plug the MicroOptical controller into the VGA adaptor's VGA port.
  5. Plug in the MicroOptical controller battery and turn the power switch to ON. (The LED will not light up yet; this is normal.)

Preparing the laptop

  1. Turn on the laptop and boot Windows 98 ("dos" in the loader).
  2. Log in as user yak, no password.
  3. Double-click the Yak icon.
  4. Press Fn-F7 (VGA output) until the screen goes blank. The MicroOptical controller's red LED should light up and the Yak display should become visible.
  5. Close cover and place in bag.

Wearing the Yak

  1. Place the bag on your left shoulder, logo side out, speaker in front, cables in back.
  2. Lift the bag strap over your head to the right shoulder.
  3. Slide speaker to front (watch the cables!).
  4. Turn speaker ON (EXT). The LED should light up.
  5. Put on MicroOptical glasses, moving cable behind the ear and down the back.


Powering down

  1. Exit the Yak program.
  2. Open laptop cover and press Fn-F7 to reactivate internal display.
  3. Turn off speaker (INT).
  4. Turn off MicroOptical display. Remove battery and place in charger.
  5. Shutdown or standby (Fn-F12) the laptop.
  6. Plug in AC adaptor to recharge laptop batteries.
  7. Remove display battery and place in charger.


No display
Display distorted
The Yak program opens a window and exits immediately
No sound output
Sound output from computer, not speaker
Pointer does not move
Yak software is stuck

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