action - Variable in class yakscript.FrameState
Remaining portion of action script
Action - class yakscript.Action.
Abstract base class extended by all YakScript actions
Action() - Constructor for class yakscript.Action
ActionFactory - class yakscript.ActionFactory.
Parses a String into an Action
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
active - Variable in class yakscript.Trigger
Whether trigger is currently active
addAction(String, String) - Method in class yakscript.Frame
Add an key-action pair
addArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.FrameState
Takes a StringTokenizer of arguments and places them in the variable table as $1, $2, etc.
addTriggers(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.FrameState
Takes a StringTokenizer of trigger frames and places them in the trigger list.
arguments - Variable in class yakscript.Action
Arguments passed to action


Blank - class yakscript.action.Blank.
Syntax: Blank <text>
Blank() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Blank
blank(boolean, String) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
YakScript callback routine invoked to (un)blank display when lengthy processing starts/ends
blank(boolean, String) - Method in interface yakscript.DisplayInterface
Callback invoked to (un)blank display
BlockingQueue - class yakscript.BlockingQueue.
A blocking queue implementation that can be used to enqueu and dequeue Objects.
BlockingQueue() - Constructor for class yakscript.BlockingQueue


check() - Static method in class yakkey.PauseState
Check to see if we are currently paused
clone() - Method in class yakscript.FrameState
Alternative implementation of Object.clone(), the default goes into an infinite stack-munching loop
close() - Method in class yakscript.ThreadPool
Closes the ThreadPool.
close() - Method in class yakscript.BlockingQueue
Closes the queue.
condition - Variable in class yakscript.Action
Whether action will be executed
config - Variable in class yakscript.YakScript
Configuration properties


debug - Variable in class yakscript.YakScript
Debug - class yakscript.action.Debug.
Syntax: Debug <message>
Debug() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Debug
dequeue() - Method in class yakscript.BlockingQueue
Dequeues an Object from the queue.
display - Variable in class yakscript.YakScript
Instance of DisplayInterface for callbacks
DisplayInterface - interface yakscript.DisplayInterface.
Interface implemented by all YakScript displays, used by the interpreter for display-related callbacks
doAction(String) - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Act on key
doInitAction() - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Perform initial action
doTrigger(String) - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Act on trigger event


enqueue(Object) - Method in class yakscript.BlockingQueue
Enqueues a new Object to the queue.
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.Action
Executes this action
Override this to actually provide the functionality of your action
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Resume
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Goto
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Play
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Sub
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Blank
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Load
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Debug
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Pause
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Select
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Set
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Nop
exec(YakScript) - Method in class yakscript.action.Exit
execAction(String) - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
execute(Runnable) - Method in class yakscript.ThreadPool
Executes a Runnable with a pooled thread.
Exit - class yakscript.action.Exit.
Syntax: Exit
Exit() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Exit


f - Variable in class yakscript.YakScript
Hashtable of all Frames in currently loaded script ##TODO## should not be public
frame - Variable in class yakscript.FrameState
Current frame
Frame - class yakscript.Frame.
Class representing a script frame
FrameState - class yakscript.FrameState.
Static object representing the state of a single YakScript frame


getAction(String) - Method in class yakscript.Frame
Get an action for a given key
getKeys() - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Get keys for the current frame (filter out all keys starting with "_" and performing variable substitution first)
getKeys() - Method in class yakscript.Frame
Get a list of all keys in current frame
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.Action
Return the keyword of this action
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Resume
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Goto
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Play
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Sub
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Blank
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Load
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Debug
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Pause
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Select
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Set
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Nop
getKeyword() - Method in class yakscript.action.Exit
getMessage() - Method in class yakkey.PauseState
Return a copy of this pause text
getStack() - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Return the script's entire frame stack
getState() - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Return the script's current FrameState
getTitle() - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Get the title for the current frame
getTitle() - Method in class yakscript.Frame
Get title of frame
Goto - class yakscript.action.Goto.
Syntax: Goto <frame> [arguments...]
Goto() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Goto


init(String[]) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
isActive() - Method in class yakscript.Trigger
Whether trigger is active
isCondition() - Method in class yakscript.Action
Test the condition in this action
isEmpty() - Method in class yakscript.BlockingQueue
Checks if the queue is empty.
isFinal() - Method in class yakscript.Action
Whether execution of the current action should stop after this command Returns false by default, override this and return true if the action permanently goes to a new state (eg.
isFinal() - Method in class yakscript.action.Goto
isFinal() - Method in class yakscript.action.Load
isFinal() - Method in class yakscript.action.Exit
isInitial() - Method in class yakscript.Action
Whether the initial action should be executed after this command
Returns false by default, override this and return true if your keyword causes a switch to a new FrameState, eg.
isInitial() - Method in class yakscript.action.Goto
isInitial() - Method in class yakscript.action.Load


LINUX - Static variable in class yakkey.Yakkey
Load - class yakscript.action.Load.
Syntax: Load <script>
Load() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Load
load(String) - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Load in a script and prepare it for use
load(String, int) - Method in class yakscript.Verifier
Parse a raw script file into a Properties structure


main(String[]) - Static method in class yakkey.Yakkey
mouseClicked(MouseEvent) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
mouseEntered(MouseEvent) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
mouseExited(MouseEvent) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
mousePressed(MouseEvent) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
mouseReleased(MouseEvent) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey


name - Variable in class yakscript.Frame
Name of frame
Nop - class yakscript.action.Nop.
Syntax: Nop
Synonym: -
Nop() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Nop


parse(String, Hashtable) - Method in class yakscript.ActionFactory
Parses a string into an object of type Action
Pause - class yakscript.action.Pause.
Syntax: Pause [-add] <text>
Sets: $RC = TRUE for user confirm, FALSE for user cancel
Pause() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Pause
pause(String, boolean) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
YakScript callback routine invoked to pause execution until user gives a YES/NO answer
pause(String, boolean) - Method in interface yakscript.DisplayInterface
Callback invoked for pausing or user confirmation
PauseState - class yakkey.PauseState.
Little class for synchronizing pause states between Yakkey event handler and Yakscript
PauseState() - Constructor for class yakkey.PauseState
Play - class yakscript.action.Play.
Syntax: Play [-pre] <samples...>
Sets: $RC = YES if successful, NO if failed
Play() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Play
printError(String) - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
printWarning(String, String, String) - Static method in class yakscript.YakScript


QueueClosedException - exception yakscript.QueueClosedException.
Exception that gets thrown when someone tries to operate on a closed queue.
QueueClosedException() - Constructor for class yakscript.QueueClosedException
Creates a new instance of QueueClosedException without any message.
QueueClosedException(String) - Constructor for class yakscript.QueueClosedException
Creates a new instance of QueueClosedException with the given message.


refresh(boolean) - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
Redraw the contents of the current frame (called after frames changes or user scrolls, also available as a callback)
refresh(boolean) - Method in interface yakscript.DisplayInterface
Callback to force display update (after a trigger, etc)
register(DisplayInterface, String[]) - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Register a Display for use and configure YakScript instance
reset() - Method in class yakkey.Yakkey
Empty out a pause stack, unblocking & killing all threads within
reset() - Method in interface yakscript.DisplayInterface
Callback invoked to reset display entirely
Resume - class yakscript.action.Resume.
Syntax: Resume <return value>
Sets: $RC = return value
Resume() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Resume
run() - Method in class yakkey.SpeechTrigger


Select - class yakscript.action.Select.
Syntax: Select <option>
Select() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Select
Set - class yakscript.action.Set.
Syntax: Set <variable> <value>
Set() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Set
setArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.Action
Set the arguments for this action and verify their contents
Override this if you need to perform syntax checking on the arguments passed to your action
setArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.action.Goto
setArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.action.Play
setArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.action.Load
setArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.action.Debug
setArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.action.Select
setArguments(StringTokenizer) - Method in class yakscript.action.Set
setCondition(String, Hashtable) - Method in class yakscript.Action
Set the condition for this action and verify its syntax
setMessage(String) - Method in class yakkey.PauseState
Store a copy of this pause text
setTitle(String) - Method in class yakscript.Frame
Set title of frame
setTriggerInterface(TriggerInterface) - Method in class yakscript.Trigger
Set TriggerInterface
setVariables(String, Hashtable) - Static method in class yakscript.YakUtilities
Search and replace variables in string
size() - Method in class yakscript.BlockingQueue
Fetches the size of the queue.
SOUND - Static variable in class yakkey.Yakkey
SpeechTrigger - class yakkey.SpeechTrigger.
SpeechTrigger(YakScript) - Constructor for class yakkey.SpeechTrigger
start() - Method in class yakkey.PauseState
Wait for a return value
start() - Method in class yakscript.YakScript
Start executing script contents
start() - Method in class yakscript.Trigger
Start trigger
startTrigger(String) - Method in class yakkey.SpeechTrigger
startTrigger(String) - Method in interface yakscript.TriggerInterface
Allow trigger events
stop() - Method in class yakscript.Trigger
Stop trigger
stop(boolean) - Method in class yakkey.PauseState
Set return code and stop pause
stopTrigger(String) - Method in class yakkey.SpeechTrigger
stopTrigger(String) - Method in interface yakscript.TriggerInterface
Stop trigger events
Sub - class yakscript.action.Sub.
Syntax: Sub <frame> [arguments...]
Sub() - Constructor for class yakscript.action.Sub
SyntaxErrorException - exception yakscript.SyntaxErrorException.
Exception thrown when a YakScript action contains a syntax error
SyntaxErrorException(String) - Constructor for class yakscript.SyntaxErrorException


terminate() - Method in class yakkey.PauseState
ThreadPool - class yakscript.ThreadPool.
This class acts as a pool of threads and it can be used to boost up the performance of thread based programs.
ThreadPool(int, int) - Constructor for class yakscript.ThreadPool
Creates a new instance of ThreadPool.
tif - Variable in class yakscript.Trigger
Instance of TriggerInterface for callbacks
Trigger - class yakscript.Trigger.
Class representing a trigger frame
TriggerInterface - interface yakscript.TriggerInterface.
triggers - Variable in class yakscript.FrameState


UndefinedVariableException - exception yakscript.UndefinedVariableException.
UndefinedVariableException(String) - Constructor for class yakscript.UndefinedVariableException
update(LineEvent) - Method in class yakscript.action.Play
Called by LineListener when audio events occur.


variables - Variable in class yakscript.FrameState
Verifier - class yakscript.Verifier.
Module for preprocessing and verifying YakScript scripts
Verifier() - Constructor for class yakscript.Verifier


whitespaceTokenizer(String) - Static method in class yakscript.YakUtilities
Tokenize a string by whitespace but respecting quotation marks, and substitute variables into the result


yakkey - package yakkey
Yakkey Translation Interface, a part of the Yak Project
Yakkey - class yakkey.Yakkey.
User interface frontend to the YakScript interpreter
Yakkey() - Constructor for class yakkey.Yakkey
yakscript - package yakscript
A YakScript interpreter, a part of the Yak Project
YakScript - class yakscript.YakScript.
A YakScript interpreter
YAKSCRIPT_VERSION - Static variable in class yakscript.YakScript
Version of YakScript implemented (will refuse to run scripts denoted with higher versions)
yakscript.action - package yakscript.action
Individual action commands for the Yakkey Translation Interface.
YakScript() - Constructor for class yakscript.YakScript
YakUtilities - class yakscript.YakUtilities.
Various utility methods for YakScript handling
YakUtilities() - Constructor for class yakscript.YakUtilities